For the Creepy Compo.

Sammy Lawrence is the best BATIM character.
Change my mind.

Edit: sh** ignore that the watermark says Joyous Artist, If you saw my previous post, you’d know that that’s my username for Instagram. Sorry about that.

“There we go now, nice and tight. We wouldn’t want any sheep roaming away now, would we? No, we wouldn’t. I must admit that I am... honored... you came all the way down here to visit me. It almost makes what I’m about to do seem... cruel. But the believers must honor their savior. I must have him notice me. Wait... you look familiar to me... that face... not now, for our Lord is calling to us, my little Sheep. The time of Sacrifice is at hand! And then, I will finally be free from this... prison. This inky... dark... abyss I call a body! Shh... listen. I can hear him. Crawling above. Crawling! Let us begin. The ritual must be completed! Soon he will hear me. He will set us free.”

“Sheep, Sheep, Sheep, it’s time for sleep.
Rest your head. It’s time for bed.
In the morning, you may wake,
Or in the morning, you’ll be dead.
Hear me, Bendy! Arise from the darkness!
Arise, and claim my offering!
Free me, I beg of you!
I summon you, Ink Demon!
Show your face, and take this tender Sheep!”

(Yes I memorized his entire monologue by heart)

Thank you for the heart,
- N0seyR0sy -
Comet noodle

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