"Behave like a duck, keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like the devil underneath.” - Jacob M. Braude

I wanted to do another animalsketch. In the little lake near my house there are always some ducks and it's fascinating to see them making their first meters on the water I used a ref of photographer Thrumyeye, I totally fell in love with her photographs!

Thank you for taking a look!!

I made a video, but unfortunately the last part was missing because my ipad run out of memory :( But I still have the first part fortunately Please zoom to take a look at the details

I'm very honored by the nominations for the awards! It made me very happy, thanks a lot!!!! <3

Thank you all for the lovely comments!! I really really appreciate it Special thanks to Mark, Madd, PK, Tily, Moonlytte, Snick, Temp, Marfa, Coco, Artigan, Pinaa, Bron ✨, Noel, Misa, ShellyBelly, Cadillac , OregonHere, McCoopah, Coen, LOLA 🌬, Joanna, WillieH, 🌀🔴Schwabby™, FrAnK, Wendy, Andyyy, Debbie D, PHumada, inkyMel, GrayAngel7, Kat24, Art Marrow, Fae By McKay, Snivyivy34, Mewla, Jammeaze, Cat , 💝Babydoll, Glambert Chìck, MoniLJS, Crow, ZSon, Diawhey_47, Lucs Icy Reebok PizzaGod🍕 Geanine DKmoon DorkNugget Atelier Deux Belges 🌺Tori CAPS for the hearts!! Means a lot!!! <3

Tigran thank you very very much for the feature!! I really appreciate it!! Thanks!!

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