An absolutely horrible title for a drawing I honestly quite like.

Look at these hot hunks of men! My two stratocaster-style: on the right, Johnny, an actual strat, and on the left, the new guitar. I need a name for him. I thought he needed to look really hair-metal because he is a superstrat after all. God, is he gorgeous...big haired hard rock-looking guys are a sliiiight guilty pleasure of mine. Lol. You know how much I like the Ultimate Warrior, you could've guessed that! I think I did him well but he needs a name!! Any suggestions are welcome...I had thought of something earlier but I dunno if I still like it. So, yeah, if you can think of something I would like to hear it. There's a picture of the actual guitar a few sketches back in my gallery, for reference. I'll probably think of something on my own later, though, lol. I'm just indecisive, so it may take awhile.

Here's the picture of my new shred machine, in case you haven't seen him or need to refresh yourself on how he looks:
He really needs a name soon. Watch, gimme a few hours and I'm gonna come back with one out of nowhere, I guarantee it, lol...

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