So here's the story:
I've been watching the Ginger Snaps trilogy lately and wanted to see if I could do a sketch of Ghost from the second movie. I just couldn't help notice her oddly-adorable quality...even though for a delusional, sociopathic, comicbook-lovin,' hand-twitchin,' chatterbox spewin,' potato-chip-eatin,' metal-mouth grinning albino.

Another thing, this piece is also a partial, unofficial, late tribute to a few clubmates. You can barely see 'em since this is an iPod sketch, but look closely (if you can) among the mess on the wood beam above --
Here are the following sketches added:

"100 SPF MY A$$!" - Iggycrypt
"Guest" - Dave L
"I'm still hungry" - Little Blue Peep
"Vamp" - SK8GIRL
"Here comes that day" - Veronika Sokou
"Un brindis antes de Cenar" - Roberto Rendón
"Vampire Compo" - Dr. G
"Say Cheese!" - Art Fan
"Honey, I think the dinner party went well" - Jenniration Y

So there you go, I needed to make my own little nod, especially to Jenn Y, and to all of SC! It's the least I can do here.

And lastly, I tried to create a werewolf under the table. Believe it or not, it's a first for me, so don't be confused if it looks a little too dog-like.

Thanks always and I hope you like it.

Your humble clown, Sad•Evil

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