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I find digital art very relaxing and enjoyable! I love all levels of artistic ability and am constantly amazed at the level of talent I have seen on this app and other drawing apps! I am very open to any and all helpful hints, suggestions and constructive criticism. ❤️
My amazing Wonder Woman profile picture was the sole work of the creative, talented and very Sweet Mongo!
My adorable cover is the sole work of our sweet Jennifer!

Aww my precious Mongo drew me as an awesome zombie warrior! Love this!

This is an amazing and sweet draw that the Cartoon superhero Tim did for and of me! love it.

My preciously sweet Ihmyours did this for my daughter's graduation! So beautiful and sweet! ❤️

This is a stunning draw that my Sis Jules dedicated to me.
Touched to tears and love it!

Aww look at the amazing Spaceship with my name! Mongo you are so sweet!

Wow that talented and so sweet Julie drew our kitty Bruce for me!

Aww that talented and sweet Mongo drew CT, Paco and me In Gotham:

I am so touched that the talented and sweet Pamela&AlexisToo drew our Bruce for me!

Aww that sweet and talented Julie A. Drew Little Bruce for me!

Wow look what the amazing and sweet Sheridan drew for me!

Aww my sweet precious Sis, Jules made me this beautiful card! Love ya Sis!

Aww that super sweet Rick made this for me!

Aww that precious Jennifer drew this adorable snoopy for me! big Hugs

Aww my adorable HippieChick did this for me! Big Hugs!

Aww my precious Julie made this for me! Big Hugs!

Aww my sweet Shirlart drew this for me! Big Hugs!

Aww precious Sister, Manpies did this adorable piece for me! Big Hugs!

Aww our sweet precious Babydoll did this for Angel and me! Big Hugs!

Aww look what my precious Reggie drew just for me! Big Hugs!

Aww look what our sweet Javy did for Madeline and I! Big Hugs!

Aww look what sweet Buffy and Squarepoint did for me! Big Hugs!

Aww look sweet Lizics made me a precious cake, Big Hugs!

Aww my precious ML drew this beautiful flower for me! Big Hugs!

Aww my precious Tily drew me an imagined bay! Big Hugs!

Wow Palaita has us arriving in great style to the SC awards! Big Hugs!

Aww my sweet Sis, Icy drew this amazing plane just for me! love it! Big Hugs!

I am so touched, my super sweet Paco drew me as Santa's helper. Amazing draw! Big Hugs!

Aww my precious Mongo drew this adorable Christmas ornament. I love it!! Big hugs!

That sweet talented Mongo drew me a very precious Wonder Woman! Love her! Big hugs!

Aww that sweet talented Julie A. drew Mark and I in Pulp Fiction! Love it! big hugs!

Aww what a beautiful stone angel that sweet talented Maggy drew for me! Big hugs!

Aww my sweet precious Tily drew my pond for me! Wow!

Aww look at the wonderful birthday card our sweet Paco did for me! It's the cartoon SC super heroes! 😊 love this!

Aww look at the precious custom ornament that my sweet Mongo drew just for me! Love this!

Aww looks at the gorgeous scene my precious Linda dedicated to me! Love this.

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