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I AM...


Glazeon is a fictional eeveelution. I made it up. This is to all the people who say pokemon sucks even though they have never played it but they have heard the name before.

Eevees Rock!!

Hello u awsome-sause person checking my Profile out! If you would like to, you can call me Doughnut, glaze, whatever you want, or The Worst Drawer in the World! Now enjoy my profile!

I have a dog ( Tao ) and a cat ( US yes I know US )

I love undertale, pokemon, eevees, drawing, and dogs!
Also, I play Roblox, my username is IceEeveePug and also SnowGlaceonEevee sooooo, friend
Me. I also play Animal Jam.

I don't really have any friends, I only have a mean and rude "Friend".
I taught myself how to not smile when I was around 5 years old, so I don't smile in pictures, I only smile when Im laughing.
I want to make friends with you to replace the one who is mean, so please don't be afraid to press the fan button, I don't bite! ( I only lick... A lot... )

I am 10 years old and
I live in Columbia, Missouri.

I play Pokemon GO and will take any hints, hacks, or pokemon you want me to do/catch/evolve
And I will give you pokemon reports every Saturday if we can get at least 10 s on this sketch


By the way
Fan art : Open ( just tell me first and tell peeps it's fan art)
Quotes to add to profile : open ( I will give credit )
Free hugs : YASS
More free hugs : YASSSSSSS
hugs for a dollar : I ANT WASTING MONEY ON HUGS!!!
money for a dollah : hah, no.
Free money : GIVE MEH DA MONEY'S!!!!!
Burns to add to my dictionary of roasts : open

Quote from a story I'm writing

" Eevee, remember you are special. Everyone is special but I can tell, You are different. Go find what you evolve into. Go with your friends to accomplish a new type of goal that no other eevee, no other Pokemon has ever set. And always remember, your family and friends are there to help you succeed at your goal."
–Sprinkle ( A sylveon )

More Quotes:

Burns :
" if I could buy you for what I think your worth, and sell you for what you think your worth, I'd be rich "
Still workin on it ok?!?!

Friends on SC u should check out!
8-Bit Hero

Very sorry if u r not up here, but plz understand. It's not because I don't like you as much as them, it's just Im a fan of 80+ artists. Ok?

I am sooooo sorry for not posting for about 2 weeks!
My iPad died and I couldn't find my charger.

10 hearts on one sketch
5 hearts on one sketch
10 fans,
10 likes on one sketch
20 fans?
30 fans
40 fans
50 fans (HALFWAY TO 100!!)
60 fans THX SO MUCH!!

70 fans
80 fans
90 fans
100 fans? (Totally going to reward u guys )
1000 fans???????????
Plz try to make these goals become a reality, thx!

Also, to inform you, I have changed my username on march 9th, 2017 if you are confused if you see fry call me eeveepower on a post
Ok I have changed again from ShinyEevee to ❄GloriousGlaceon❄
ok peeps
Changed again to ShinyUmbereon!!!
Again!!!!! EccentricEspeon this time!
Changed to SincereSylveon....
Once again, changed to 🍃LeafeonDraws🍃!!!!
Lol, next username... The wonderful and sweet toothed, 🍫Glazeon🍩!

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