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I am working on the sketch I promised with all my cat ocs for the 30 fan milestone, just to let everyone know. Thank you for visiting! If you want anything, please message me, as I will almost always be willing to do it! (Like making you a warrior cat, drawing something requested, etc.)

What I love😍:

1. SEALS (adorable and fluffy!)
2. Minecraft
3. Drawing (usually manga or something along those lines)
4. Reading
5. Warriors (I'm copying it and writing my own books based on the real books)
7. Cats 🐱 (My cat is so cute)
8. Staying up late secretly watching YouTube

What I hate😑:

1. Homework (and school in general)
2. Shots (vaccines)
3. Anyone and anything that hurts seals
4. My introverted awkwardness
5. When my pencil is dull to the point (no pun intended) where it hardly affects the paper

Extra info:
- I am 11
- I am very socially awkward
- I like seals to the point where I have posters of them in my bedroom
- Slime Rancher is my favorite Xbox game
- I will take extreme measures to prove my real life acquaintances wrong
- I know a lot of idiots
- I will roast people I don't like
- I am often compared to my 65 year old English teacher
- I will stop at nothing to correct people's grammar without being rude
- My favorite color is blue
- This is the closest thing I have to social media
- I play violin
- I play video games in almost all my free time when I'm not texting my best friend
- I like making lists
- I don't like offending people that I don't hate
- My best friend is MisterSeal12, go say hi and be one of his first fans!

Bob the Seal- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10947067
Iceshade (me)- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/6601434303561728
Flamepelt (MisterSeal12)- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/5120628229931008
Shadow- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/5513153881047040
Laurelsong (one of my real life friends)- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/5134523254439936
Turtlepelt (another friend irl)- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/4886198714368000
Sunpaw (my little sister)- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/5507830403301376
Sunstripe (yet another real life friend, I'm beginning to sound like a creep)- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/6507006628986880

Fan Goals
20 fans: βœ… (thank you sketch)
30 fans: βœ… (all my cat ocs together)
40 fans: ❌ (Bob the seal or other oc selfie, you vote by message which one)
50 fans: ❌ (any request, literally anything appropriate with no limits, no matter how hard)
100 fans: ❌ (I don't even know what to do for this)

Feature Goals
1 feature: βœ…
5 features: ❌

Glop Goals
500 glops: βœ…
1,000 glops: βœ…
1,500 glops: βœ…
2,000 glops: βœ…
3,000 glops: ❌
4,000 glops: ❌
5,000 glops: ❌

Other Goals
Stop scaring away my friends by asking If they wanna be warrior cats: ❌
Have at least 5 friends irl at a time: ❌
Survive middle school: ❌
Have at least 40 stuffed animals that are seals: βœ…
Pass the audition for YCO (youth concert orchestra): πŸ”œ (hopefully)
Play violin for 5 years: πŸ”œ
Have at least 10 cat ocs uploaded: πŸ”œ

I gave myself a warrior name. You can also call me Iceshade now! I am here to befriend, not offend, all who are socially awkward like me, and all who aren't! Also, just so you know, ALWAYS message me if you want to say hi, have a cat in my clans, or other things, as I get bored quickly when I'm not drawing. (I am a friend stalker) 😁

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