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Welcome to my world!
I am Cloudyday. I am hardly ever blue 🌩 , I rarely cry 🌧 or lose my cool🌨. I like to let the sun shine through! ! ☁️⛅️🌤⛅️☁️
⛅️ My first attempts to draw stick figures began 4/19/2012 in Draw Something, and from there I progressed to DrawQuest in May of 2013. Later I was lucky enough to find Sketch Club Zine, and that led me four days later, January 26, 2014, to my happy home in SketchClub !
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My husband, Corky3240 is the light of my life. Be sure to check out his art, he has a wonderful style and humor.

⛅️ Pursuits: I am a retired insurance specialist. My current activities are drawing in Sketch Club, I am a hammered dulcimer musician having studied under Mark Alan Wade and Rick Thumb, and am a water aerobics instructor.

🖍 My Drawing EXPERIENCE:

📱 ELECTRONIC DRAWING is my thing. I don't trace, and don't do image loads.

🖌My preferred brush is the soft round one, my pen of choice is the the basic or smoothed one. I sometimes do copy, especially cartoon characters, which helps me learn techniques and processes.

🍰 LAYERS: In the beginning I found the layers to be incomprehensible until I finally realized drawing on a layer is like drawing on a window pane that you can turn on and off. Do parts of the drawing on different layers, turn on those layers and by looking through them you end up with a complete drawing! Sweeet!!!

My biggest challenges right now:
1. How to make and how to use swatches (color wheel)
2. Shading and lightening.
3. Painting faces
4. Making anything original look great.


Go to the HELP screen for classes and some tutorials.

The TUTORIALS GROUP has a wonderful selection of Tutorials developed by Sketch Club artists.
See http://app.sketchclub.com/f/group/tutorials , or go to Groups and search "Tutorials"

Here's a great quick tutorial I found on DRAWING FACES, by Pri. http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/2802187

And another one on LAYER MODES: Screen, Overlay, and Multiply http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/2876218


Using The SELECT TOOL by Mark


A MISTAKE I DO every time I draw digitally......Starting my drawing on a white background.

In traditional art white is chosen because it's easier to put dark colors over it. But that doesn't apply to digital art.

WHY? There is no neutral color. Transparent is the closest to it, but you can't draw it. Every color changes the way we perceive a neighboring color, including black and white. Black makes light colors look lighter. White makes dark colors appear darker.

Start with the background on THE MOST NEUTRAL color - medium gray: RGB 128-128-128. When you've finished, change the background color to compliment your drawing.

Wow. I plan to start doing this right away.

💕💕💕 MANY THANKS for the awesome comments, likes and hearts. I love hearing from you!

Here's a wonderful picture that our sweet and talented friend Stayze drew today of Corky3240 and me!
I hope you'll give her a 👍🏻, or even a for her wonderful art!

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🍀A Sketch Club Blessing🍀
by Cloudyday

💫💫 May you reach for the "stars" ,
💫💫 May you pick the right hue 🎨 .
💫💫 May you have "rules" galore ,
💫💫 May your stylus sketch true 🖊

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