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im dia the glace nice to meet you
my friends call me glec or glace or icee or something like that

things i gotta draw after i fix my tablet:
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10832560 amnesia (thanks closet u the real mvp)
potential tranquilize design
design recensere and iurisdictio and pertubatio and actually figure out their lore
actual explanation of amaterasu
dank memes (preferably involving illyria)

'fuzzy lemonade' paris, august 2016
'stay freshiram' me/looneluxxe, some time i forgot probably in 2016

"this is an EMERGENCY
im gonna TRY THIS
even though it might BRING THE MADNESS

now i have a SWAMP THING at GUNPOINT
but it dissappeared
so i chased it on a PINK CLOUD
but it turns out the swamp thing was an EMOJI
so i said
then the emoji was gonna SELF DESTRUCT
i looked at Alexander and he said
"oh no, HERE IT COMES.."
so i ran away, screaming "FIRE IN THE HOLE"
Alex just stood there like "SO WHAT"
after that I tried to text Michael about whaat happened

the end" -rain, 2/10/16

i like monstercat
muzzy, pegboard nerds, rogue, mr fijiwiji, tokyo machine, puppet, nitro fun, marshmello, slushii, hell if its monstercat ill like it
also shawn wasabi

the cyanide squad
hate. (this is meme, they are dank and also really cool. has some pretty unique species n lore and i can look up to that)
šŸŒŸFestiveā€¢RainšŸŒŸ (haha i remember back when i didnt have skype and i had to yell at dee to see if rain was on - also thanks for getting me into monstercat my previous music taste was shale)
et moi

other rad people:
Jar (meme. same birthday as me. radness all around.)
Sha (amazing art. put up with my cringeworthy self a year and a half ago how did they do it)
Loone (dreft. draft. wow has good art. amazing. fun to hang around. also british)
Shady Sans (hecc ur art keeps getting better in all these haiti/haitus/insert plural here??? how to english)
AĢ¶tĢ¶eĢ·rĢønĢ¶uĢ·mĢ“ (one of the founders of the four-person chat that devolved into the villanos meme chat by wp joining us)
and also some others im really lazy

kids dont trace art you could be violating copyright laws
just find a nice base that says something like 'free to use'
and say you used a base in the desc then ur all clear

IGN minecraft: diamond_glaceon
im sometimes on the sc mc server pm me if you wanna be whitelisted on that or somethin


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