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Hi! I'm Coby

I just wanted to thank the wonderful people that nominated me and my art this year! I've received over 50 nominations this year, and I'm over the moon. To be even considered in the midst of all of you amazing artists makes me so proud and honored! 😘💕

Just an observation of late- I've started noticing that my gallery looks very much like it has A.D.D., just like me. I was never diagnosed as a kid ( they didn't then), but I had to fight very hard to stay focused, and found myself looking out of the window watching the birds instead. I was very focused on the things I was interested in, and entered dreamland in those I wasn't. My gallery looks very much like someone with ADD. Two abstracts , an old master reproduction when I'm feeling ambitious, a zero ref or 2, a zentangle when I'm feeling stressed and need to decompress, or an abstract when I am feeling like focusing less. Now standing back and looking at my gallery I can see how distractions and challenges in my life show up in my gallery. I guess art imitates life.

I'm trying to keep up with thank you's and comments on other artist's sketches ( which is the main reason I'm here) but can get quite far behind. I work a full time job, and am currently restoring yet another house. I promise to catch up as soon as time allows.

I'm an amatuer photographer, an observer of beauty, and sometimes find it in ugly places. I love old barns, old ugly furniture, things of salvage that could maybe something new again. I love to go "junking" to look for projects. I'm an interior decorator and realtor, and stage the houses that my husband and I restore, which we've been doing for over 30 years. So, no, we are not like the ones who do this on DIY...they are like us!

Thanks to the wonderful artists here that have taught me so much, and given so much encouragement. I'm trying to create more originality with their help.

Instagram user ID cobybeach

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