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hello! i'm joseph, age 14, he/him. the past month to me has only been graduation tests! the entrance into high school brings really exciting and worrying days! til i met these two very special gais.
"nice duwang reference"
-no one cause only like 5 ppl on here like jjba

i like these things:
akira (manga)
hetalia (manga/anime)
overwatch (game)
jojo's bizarre adventure (manga/anime)
naruto (manga/anime)
bandom (music)
phoenix wright: ace attorney (game)
danganronpa: trigger happy havoc (game)
pokemon (game)
megaman (game)
super smash brothers (game)
gravity falls (tv show)

here's what i like to do:
draw, sing, play videogames, travel

wanna see my original characters?

need to talk?
i have kik, snapchat, whatsapp, oovoo, tumblr, twitter, facebook, instagram, line, skype and email. just dm me for the username.

taken or single?
taken, not saying by who though. we've been together for five months already.

i like memes. enjoy your stay!


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