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I go by many names. Call me whatever you fancy, but:

I am jinzo in the waking dawn, shake at midday, foot in the evening, and winston as the sun sets.

Never you mind as to why that is.
You may use these naming conventions, or make up your own if you so desire. But most people just call me RW or Shake.
Contrary to popular belief I am not a 50-year-old man, as most people on here think I am at first glance. I'm a wee lass. A wee lass that's very good at convincing people she is an old rock fan, but a wee lass nonetheless.

My main muses are obviously rock legends: John Lennon and Pete Townshend most of all. It's probably because I have raging crushes on them both. These old (or dead and old) guys with guitars are the majority of what I draw. Get with the program.
And of course, my own ficticious cartoon band's members. Them too. Questions about them are welcome, as I'm working to really make them a real phenomenon. I'm trying to write a real story about them for TV or a book: wish me luck.

I can channel the ghosts of dead musicians on command, so be prepared for that.
I am also a raging anglophile. The UK is responsible for the majority of men I love, the Union Jack is sexy, and goddamn, those accents, man. I love 'em. If I don't marry me an English gent I'll be disappointed in myself.
Er- an English gent or maybe a nice Italiano Brooklyn boy with a NY accent as heavy as mine. Hell, I'll even settle for a Greek.
What I'm trying to say is, I'm Greek and Italian and from Brooklyn.

I am but a lowly mafia reject and I like the Beatles, the Who, the Monkees, the Kinks, ELO, the Ramones, the Clash, the Jam, the Police, Buzzcocks, the B-52s, Blondie, Roxy Music, Earth, Wind & Fire, Joy Division and New Order, the Human League, Duran Duran, the Smiths, Devo, Oingo Boingo, the Beastie Boys, Super Furry Animals (what a weird name for a band), the Flaming Lips, Inspiral Carpets, Happy Mondays, Pulp, Blur, Oasis, I'm not gonna list the rest of the bands I like because they won't fit, the PlayStation, any kind of 60s pop or rock honestly, new wave, britpop and madchester, punk, funk (but that's more of a guilty pleasure honestly), the British Invasion in general, the '60s, pretty much anything from 20th century pop culture, psychedelic stuff, ninjas, secret agents and spies and espionage and all that, junk food, Monty Python, Jackass, Arrested Development, Tim and Eric, Austin Powers, standup comedy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Da Ali G Show, Penn and Teller, the arcade games you can't win tickets from, obscure old music, tokyo drifting, old cartoons, old sitcoms, guitars, Jesus, Latin poetry, talking in an excessively verbose manner, genetics, cellular biology, (occasionally forensic) pathology, ancient cultures and mythology (I like to study modern religions too, deal with it), and mods (as in the subculture)
I really like guys from the '60s.
With their suits and moptops and whatnot.
Even the weird psychedelic stuff that came later.
Just cute men. I like them. John Lennon, or Keith Moon, both of them in 1965, or maybe late '60s Pete Townshend, for example.
cute men
I just really like men. Boys. Men. Guys. They're mostly what I'm thinking about on the daily. Lot of the kids on this app are all "oooh girls girls girls I like drawing girls"...I hate girls. Sorry. Gimme my hunky hunks, man!

I can't help it. I'm a mean green homie. You, my friend, have been forewarned.

To be completely frank, the only things that really bug me are hypocrisy, idiocy, and posers. And teenagers. I don't get on with people of my own age. I hate millennials most of all though. Ew. "Ideological discussions" (or, what dillweeds use to brag about their political endeavors, which, classically, are supposed to be your own business, not anyone else's) usually piss me off, and I hate modern stuff. If it reeks of the 2010s I don't go near it. That's my mantra.

I collect good music. Want some? I got some, sucker. I'm a bona fide cool jam connoisseur, so if you want your mind opened, just come and get it. My CD collection is GUARANTEED better than yours. Just saying.

My patron rockstar is John Entwistle; he died on the day I turned one year old, therefore he must have blessed me in his passing, God rest his soul. Who's your patron musician?

I'm still waiting on the day we bring John and George back from the dead so that the reunited Beatles can sing me the Spice Girls' greatest hits.

And another thing: please refrain from starting any ideological discourse on any of my works, either with me or anyone that comments on my stuff. In these dark times of people blindly screaming at each other on the internet about things that don't matter I ask that if you're thinking of mentioning politics or talking smack about the stuff I believe in, kindly rethink what you're doing and knock some sense into yourself. Be the bigger man and remember that my brain differs from yours and no amount of you yapping is going to change that. This is an art site, make art! Not war! I don't push an agenda on you so don't push yours on me. Got it? Cool. Let's be friends because I don't actually have any in real life.

Replacing the stale smell of excess with the sweet smell of success, Peter Townshend, who, like nine out of ten stars, needs it. Face the music with Odorono, the all-day deodorant that turns perspiration into inspiration.
if you know what that's quoted from bless you

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