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Greetings fellow cave dwellers, welcome to my profile!

Well, I guess you're here for a reason, so I'll just give you all the general stuff about me. :^D

Gender/Pronouns: Female (She/Her)
Age: 16
Birthday: 11/8/2001
Sexuality: Bisexual
Home country: America
Home state: You won't get it unless you take the time to know me better. ;^)

Things I like: I enjoy listening to music, drawing (if that wasn't obvious), sitting around and doing nothing, marching band (I play the flute), and chilling with my friends.

Things I sorta hate: People calling me out for something I never did, being lashed out on, thunderstorms (mainly at night), and a whole lot of stuff (basically I'm afraid of everything??)

Personality: Overall, I'm a very chill child with a bit of self-esteem issues, cause I usually tend to wait for the other person to make the first move. I'm a meme machine, so I tend to make a whole lot of jokes about whatever (even some dark humor is in there). I'll just say now that.. I can sorta snap at someone when they're on my nerves, so be weary of that, I suppose. I tend to be a bit repetitive with the things I say, so if it gets annoying with you, let me know so I can stop it.

Goals: Probably earning a job in animation, because the thought of entertaining people has always been something I always thought was a neat idea. Being able to meet friends from across America is something I would do after I graduate, because I've gotten to know some that I eventually became attached to. :,^)

Something you should know: I uh.. have autism, but no one can tell I even have it. I tend to act a bit immature than most people, and it's given me the sign of being an annoyance to others, but that doesn't stop me at all from what I have the ability to do. :^)

~*Join date: 6/30/2014* (not exactly accurate.)~

Here's what some of my interests are.

Video game wise, I'm a huge Nintendo nerd, especially with Super Mario, Fire Emblem, Pokémon, and maybe some more (but I'm too lazy to add any more.)

I may not watch them that much, but I'll consider myself an anime fan. Two of the main ones I enjoy the most is Axis Powers Hetalia (APH) and Yuri!!! On Ice (probably because they're both sO GAY TO WATCH.)

Any recommendations?: Not right now, I feel too lazy to add them.

Where else can you find me? You'll be able to see me on the following sites (which are kinda boring ones, but w/e):
Roblox: RavenYoshi21
Google+: RavenYoshi21
Google hangouts: RavenYoshi21
Discord: RavenYoshi21#8383 (name changes constantly, be aware.)

Other then that, this will sum up all that I am, so hope y'all enjoy the stuff I draw, and have a nice day/night.

If you can't tell..I really like Yoshi a whole lot. .D.

Constructive criticism is highly appreciated here, because I really need to get all the help I can get to become a better artist.
Feel free to critique the following:
Sketching/linework, choice of colors, shading/effects, or overall attitude. Please be honest about your responses, alright?

If there's anymore questions, let me know, I'll do whatever I can to help!

Art trades: Closed
Requests: Closed
Commissions: Closed (won't start them for a while)

Fan art is well appreciated, so don't be afraid to do any.

This horrible gif was made by me.

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