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*・゜゚・*: hey, im raintrain :*・゜゚・*
17 years | female | heteromantic, grey ace | single

EDM musician/composer, and hobbyist cartoonist.

i have a goal for my art in 2018. i want to produce works that are otherworldly, and i want to keep that theme prominent on my gallery. of course, there will be the odd random doodle or sketch page - but for my real works, i hope to create something wonderful.
imagine escaping reality, and traveling to a new world. a magical place, no matter what sights you may see. whether it be intense, calm, happy, solemn, or anything similar, you still *feel* the magic. I want to bring that feeling to life through art.

at some point, i hope to do the same with my music too. however, I've not been practicing music enough for that yet. we will just have to wait for now.

Sketch Club is the only art app i use.
to make music, I currently use Auxy, but I'm hoping to learn how to use FL Studio.


things i like:
-music, obviously
-art, of course

things im trying to get into:
-coding and programming

my "fandoms":
-Monstercat/EDM in general
-Tomodachi Life/Miitopia
-Gang Beasts
-Cuphead?? i guess??


me on other social media sites:
in case i do decide to leave one day-

--art alias--
Twitter: @ rain_derp
Instagram: @ rain_train_draws (private account)
Wattpad: RainTrainWrites
YouTube: RainTrain // Voluminous
Manyland: im pretty sure my name is "Braken" atm,,, dont ask

--music alias--
SoundCloud: Voluminous (/voluminoustunes)
Twitter: @ VoluminousMusic
Instagram: @ voluminous_music

PM me for Discord and Skype profiles, or for 3DS/Wii U friend codes. I'm also on PlayStation network now.


and heres my lord and saviour, muzzy



PingPongPanda - irl friend
EpicGamer211 - irl brother
dead acc/inactive.
Shady Sans

im thinking of putting tag things next to these names, hmmm.
also, this list is incomplete.


... my names icicletricycle because uh.. I don't know actually. its just a [weather/vehicle] username theme I guess, because RainTrain.

thanks for reading~

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