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welcome to shipland

i aM

i am...
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'Monstercat Trash'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*


okay, but seriously lets get roooight into the bio

i have too many nicknames to list anymore call me whatever you want
my real name is Lorna. but don't call me that, it's weird
tbh, ive gotten so used to being called Rain that i walk into school and expect someone to walk up like "hi rain!"

i am....
-antisocial at times
-a meme
-a shipper
-a fangirl
-an EDM fan
-a sucker for Drum n Bass and Xylophones/Glockenspiels
-probably 25% furry
-not always very funny but i have made people die of laughter in the past
-questioning my life
-obsessed over Muzzy

15/female/straight/single/has a crush on Muzzy

favourite games:
i like to play games that require quick reactions even though im terribl at themm
Geometry Dash, Pokken Tournament and Splatoon are gud
i also like Spore, and creative games like that.
and clicker games like Groove Galaxy
my overall favourite game rn is Gang Beasts. 🍖

favourite songs:
Tokyo Machine - Okay: https://youtu.be/FABmGWoScDk
Lockyn - Intrinsic (Xtrullor Remix): https://youtu.be/a4QYexdGNMM
NoisySundae - Shatter: https://youtu.be/--bzmeY5FH0
Pegboard Nerds - BADBOI: https://youtu.be/v372aagNItc
Stephen Walking - Move: https://youtu.be/VuSei2pDDlY
Xtrullor - Tria: https://youtu.be/FVz8MTBJeZg
Hinkik - Ena: https://youtu.be/waiG2PSVMMQ
Tokyo Machine - Party: https://youtu.be/rpkDl6UN4a8
Marshmello - Alone (Slushii Remix): https://youtu.be/IkYw6OSNhW8
Muzzy - Feeling Stronger (Feat. Charlotte Colley) (High Maintenance Remix): https://youtu.be/BUV2sRIcnqw
Azazal & Said - I Said Meow: https://youtu.be/Byuhn6hkJbM
Protostar - No Turning Back: https://youtu.be/UkC5uVSfa7k
NoisySundae - Deathmatch: https://youtu.be/qnnOMP-Y7ro
Muzzy - Timberwolf: https://youtu.be/S4JVOwODt_I
Botnek & I See MONSTAS - Deeper Love (Duko Remix): https://youtu.be/iVdzlm7k-sE
Azazal - Pounce: https://youtu.be/NISKMvV3hl4
Muzzy - Crescendo (feat. MYLK): https://youtu.be/_qg0j-mCCwc
Xtrullor - Birth of the Sun: https://youtu.be/RBYplB2Rako
Protostar - Scorpion Pit (VIP Mix): https://youtu.be/F70bYM_rirU
Pegboard Nerds - Fire in the Hole: https://youtu.be/irOuRCkO0nQ
Muzzy - Get Crazy: https://youtu.be/3N2PHSZTYoM
Mafiapineapple - Dystopia: https://youtu.be/fCVjZD1ff0I (suh, dude)
Noisestorm - Antihero: https://youtu.be/RHt1wIAh1GU
Tryple and Azazal - Meowter Space: https://youtu.be/YQLwEqxuceo
Spag Heddy - The Run: https://youtu.be/8lEJ4T-kPgk

my overall favourite EDM producer atm is Muzzy
if we narrow it down to just Dubstep tho, either Xtrullor or Azazal

ive figured out my top ten monstercat artists
but im gonna improvise my top ten edm producers k
go check these guys out:
1: Muzzy - the dnb god, all should worship him in all his glory- ok I'll stop
my fav songs by him are Play (ft UK:ID), Wrong (Remix) and Crescendo (ft MYLK)
2: Azazal - dude. dududud- jUST. Azazal's Dubstep is a-meow-zing
fav songs by him are I Said Meow (with Said), Pounce, and Meowter Space (with Tryple)
3: Tokyo Machine - mMBOI. i love Tokyo Machine and his music. his releases on monstercat keep getting better and better.
fav songs by him are FIGHT, PIXEL and HYPE
4: Xtrullor - hhnnnnnnnnG- how do you dubstep m9. just.. omg.
fav songs by him are Intrinsic (Remix), Tria, and Ego Death
5: Dion Timmer - yes. just yes. yES. MEMELORD NUMERO DOS.
fav songs by him are Panic and Lost
6: SharaX - yeET. my current inspiration for House music.. also the breadstick queen .3.
fav songs by her are Take Control, We Are Number One (Remix), Renegade, Kyotovania, Dance With Wolves and Break It Down
7: Noisestorm - THE BREAKS L O R D- ovo
fav songs by him are This Feeling, Antihero, and Leaving Now
8: Stonebank - stoneboop, stonedank, stongbank.
fav songs by him are Lift You Up, Soldier, and All Night
9: Panda Eyes - yAAAA
fav songs by him are Colorblind, Highscore (with Teminite) and Artificial
fav songs by him are Nemesis, Dreams, and Imperfect Views

have the names of all the Monstercat albums
001 - Launch Week
002 - Early Stages
003 - Momentum
004 - Identity
005 - Evolution
006 - Embrace
007 - Solace
008 - Anniversary
009 - Reunion
010 - Conquest
011 - Revolution
012 - Aftermath
013 - Awakening
014 - Discovery
015 - Outlook
016 - Expedition
017 - Ascension
018 - Frontier
019 - Endeavour
020 - Altitude
021 - Perspective
022 - Contact
023 - Voyage
024 - Vanguard
025 - Threshold
026 - Resistance
027 - Cataclysm
028 - Uproar
029 - Havoc
030 - Finale (??? i think)
031 -
oohohohooooooooooo i wonder whats next


i dont have that many important hashtags just leave me alone you sausage

memorable moments:
-Summer 2014 - found Monstercat
-Halloween 2015 - Dressed up as Monstercat
-May 2016 - found Muzzy
-October 2016 - Future career was pretty much sorted out
-Halloween 2016 - Dressed up as Muzzy
-11th November 2016 - Noticed by Muzzy
-22nd November 2016 - Noticed by Monstercat
-6th January 2017 - Noticed by Monstercat aGAIN
-January 2017 - ..heard Muzzy's voice for the first time.. i love his voice, omg.

quote list yay (shortened intensely, I still have copies on my notes):

"a meme will be president, kek" - Muzzy, on Twitter
"Wow" - Tut Tut Child, on Twitter
"cx was being a lil sht" - Me, in response to Dee
"There...enough wobbles for ya?" - Monstercat, in the description of "Some Wobbles" by Ephixa
"Mixing will be the death of me." - Muzzy, on Twitter
"when Stonebank kills your headphones... oh no that only because hes so awesome" - Me, about my headphones breaking a bit
"N E W G R O U N D S I S A G E N R E N O W" - Me, on Skype
"whY IS THIS STILL CALLED WHA-" - Me, in a video
"protostar is tokyo machine confirmed" - Nitro Fun, on Twitter
"VOLOMONOOS" - WingedPanda, in response to me
"RAIN HOW THE HELL DID MUZZY TURN OUT LIKE THIS OH MY GOD" - Me, explaining how I thought others would feel about an AU where Muzzy is eeevil
"Musician/Producer/Composer, and other music-y sounding titles." - Muzzy's Twitter bio
"ohh i can feel the salt from here" - friend, when the advanced higher students were teaching our class
"noo, don't melt my love" - another friend, when he heard about the Mr. FijiWiji x snowball fanfic
"Did you hear? It's 2016." - Mr. FijiWiji, on Twitter
"got bf1, rip productivity" - Muzzy, on Twitter
"relatable" - me, irl/in response to Muzzy
"a thIRTY MINUTE CALL WITH THE NNEEEEEERRRRRDSSSs?!?!?!?????" - me, when i saw the prize for an art competition the Pegboard Nerds are hosting
"you are the biggest meme ive ever seen" - friend, in response to another friend, in school
"Not just a drop... raindrop. Many raindrops. FLASHFLOOD! WAKE UP, THE HOUSE IS UNDERWATER!" - person, in comments section of Astronaut - Rain (Stephen Walking Remix)
"rain if you ever meet Muzzy irl im sure you'll get a restraining order in three seconds" - Wingedpanda, on Skype
"8 x 10 = 80 + 1,000 - 1,000,000 + 2.1 + chicken = who cares" - Music Teacher, in class
"LEGOLOVANIA" - brother, when i dared him to say "melodymania, megalovania" over and over again
"Cherry mistmas!" - Muzzy, on Twitter (i was dying laughing at this for like 5 minutes)
"Muzzy is probably one of the best things that have ever happened to me, i claim him as my fictional husband and if you touch him i will shank you with orange juice" - me, in a sketch description
''scot... land'' - Glace, in response to me
"aaAAANYWAY" - me, on Skype
"my neccc hurts" - Dee, on Skype
"you see this big nose?! its bigger... than your future!!" - Gutter, in a YouTube video
"Follow me on Instagram you sausages" - Muzzy, on Twitter
"YABBA DABBA DEE" - My brother, irl
"Theres more legs in these pics than a bucket of fried chicken." - Monstercat, in response to Puppet
"for real" - Muzzy, in response to someone on Twitter
"i think i just threw up" - My brother, irl
"I love staring at cobble in my spare time." - Muzzy, while playing Minecraft with Protostar and 7 Minutes Dead
"it's alright, you can go and play in traffic as long as you dont get hit" - 7 Minutes Dead, also while playing minecraft
"one person in the comments said "i lick this!!" and i wanna reply "LICK THE DNB"" - Me, irl, talking to bro about the comment section of Crescendo by Muzzy
"Sciencey Stuff" - the name of one of my songs
//waits for more beautiful quotes//
i think my quote list gets more and more hilarious as time goes on.

here are some really cool peeps on here you should totally check out:
EpicGamer211 mY BROOOOOOO!!!!! : D
🐼WingedPanda☁️ mAI FRIEND IRL!! she doesn't post much but shes a cool nerd :^)
LooneLuxxe amazing friend and mind blowing artwork :0 i wish I could talk to ye more Loone ;3;
deemello101 the amazing milk lord horse frog peacock water head toy :v i talk to him a lot on Skype
🔸TheHamilrat190🔹 cool friend who likes Monstercat, Portal and Ratchet and Clank : D
D🍩nutWarrior LOGS!!! //cough// also, a really cool friend with amAZING artwork!!!
anonymous_tundra the mooncat queen (\(.3.)/)
Shadeic64 my Geometry Dash Trash friend :3 #GD2.1Hype
★Vicx★ really nice n cool friend
origami💎the💎glaceon RP buddy : D
SevenAteNine really cool artwork :0 also a Monstercat fan, yeee
The Spychalist cool friend and fun to be around :3 also has awesome artwork :00000
JamesIsAReindeerCBB cool buddy w amazing art : D
CFsketches awesome friend with cooooooool art! also a Monstercat fan :3
🍉AyeeWatermelone🍉 newly-found Monstercat fan, who likes San Holo, TheFatRat, Muzzy //insert screeeech of fangirliNG here//, and Alan Walker too!

Me on other websites!
💬Skype: @raindropsthebass (shown name: droppin' low) - very active
📱Twitter: @rain_derp (nickname: RainDrop) - quite active
📱Instagram: rain_train_draws - not very active
🔳Geometry Dash: RainDragon - not very active
🎶SoundCloud: Voluminous - quite active
🕹WiiU/3DS: PM me for friend code - not very active
🎥YouTube: RainTrain Draws - not very active, but you will see me in comments on new mcat songs
🎮Xbox Live: FluffyDragons211 (coming soon)
👾Steam: Ritornello (ritornello3) - not very active
🎨Second SC Account: RainTrain - quite active, go here for paper artwork

i shortened my profile like a lot

"what are you currently available to do for/with me?"
RP - yeah, i just have very little inspiration
Art Trades - nuuoooooeeeeeeee
Co-Ops - yes, but you have to go first
Requests - not atm *^*
Adoptables - no, no adoptables available yet.
Customs - I could make Yacrix and Zekiox customs for you
Ship my OC with one of Yours - oh, sure, i have tonnes of single pringles of all orientations

lemme make it clear that I don't usually like emojis, but i may use them to illustrate something, mostly on SC or Twitter, or for fun
dunno, sometimes people can overuse them
but hey, i think some emojis could serve quite useful for me
flan 🍮, beef 🍖 (it looks like the gangbeasts beef),
my (and, apparently muzzy's) personal favourite, the toppat 🎩

see: me and muzzy have something in common, our favourite emoji is the top hat

ok so anyway
now we are going on to my artwork
hope you like it all as much as i do lol

WIP by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 3   0 Feb. 27, 2017
Fierch by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 9   2 Feb. 26, 2017
Easter Ref (NEW) by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 11   2 Feb. 24, 2017
blep by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 14   2 Feb. 23, 2017
~Saving Light~ by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 1   9   3 Feb. 23, 2017
Ritornello by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 14   1 Feb. 21, 2017
Minko by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 12   8 Feb. 20, 2017
"Cute AU" Muzzy by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 10   6 Feb. 20, 2017
Corrupted Xtrullor by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 6   1 Feb. 20, 2017

Rainbow Road by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 2   58   20 Sept. 30, 2015
Lightning Shriek by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 5   36   15 Sept. 6, 2015
We Are The Monstercat Family! by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 3   30   27 Dec. 20, 2016
Coruhn by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 4   27   12 Jan. 24, 2017
Fevtheria - DTA for Drawgon by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 2   28   2 Dec. 15, 2015
Welcome to Dragons World!! by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 3   25   11 Aug. 30, 2015
Chaos by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 29   4 March 9, 2016
All My Hope To You by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 4   21   3 April 26, 2016
Family Picture by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 3   22   15 Sept. 5, 2015
True Love~ by LeanMeanTokyoMachine 2   23   7 Jan. 14, 2016

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