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IMPORTANT! ive managed to get myself into a lot of trouble, causing my mother to take away my electronics for the whole summer and threaten to disown me. shes also given me a very long lecture, and has forced me to delete all the apps i have downloaded on my tablet. there is a possibility that she has deleted my apps from my ipad as well. all of this means that i will not be on for the rest of the summer but may be able to get on sketch club on the computer whenever i can. so, goodbye for now.


(March 25, 2017) Lil' Tribute To Edd Gould:
Today, March 25, marks the death of Edd Gould. He was the original creator/animator of Eddsworld. He is loved by all his fans, and still missed til this day. I would like to thank Edd for being such a big inspiration to all and for his world the keep spinning.


And now, back to my horrible profile info,,


□name change□

◇i am keeping the name unless i change it back◇

I believe that デッドキング translates to "Dead King" I'm not exactly sure bc google translate s u c k s


Libertyy aj fan enderwolfy90000 aj
(Since I actually put my age on that when I had that account, you can probs guess my current age..)


Hi There..

Here's Some Info About Me..

(Online) Name: Wolfy 'Adele' Miko
(Real) Name (Only Saying First): Naisen
Age: Unknown (My Age Was On Here For A Limited Time)
Gender: Unknown (:^3)
Sexuality: Bisexual (i guess?)
Birthday: December 31
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Crushes (IRL?): (I'm Only Telling You About One Of Them-) Annieitsme

Extra Info-
(Current) Favorite Youtuber: Rainy-Draws ; Kuhimo
Mood: Calm (i think its an adjective but, eh)
Currently..?: Being Awake
Recent Shipping I Fangirled About: I dunno


•Kpop (yay) •Anime (yay) •Manga (yay) •Music (yay) •Art (yay) •My Crushes ^/////^ (yay) •Roleplaying (yay) •Animals (yay) •This App (yay) •Touching The Hair Of My Classmates/Friends- (yay) •Fluffy Things (yay) •Poking People- (yay) •Food (yay) •Yaoi + Yuri (yay) •Fanfics (wattpad) •Anime Boys (:^3) •Shipping People (Friends, Classmates, Anime Characters, Book Characters) •Books (yay) •Weapons (yay) •Youtube (yay) •Mystic Messenger (707 and unknown are cute and hawt at the same time-) •Eddsworld (Paul caused 9/11. Also TomTord and Paultryk) •Hentai (im a sinning child okay) •Starbucks Coffee (its bc of the caramel frappuccino)


Youtuber List-
•Kuhimo (much sinny stream and lots of eddsworld i like) •Shane Dawson (i got his book 'It Gets Worse'!) •Reaction Time (tAL) •Domics (030) •TonyVToons (is it okay to still ship him with jaiden) •JaidenAnimations (yAY) •Theodd1sout (ye) •GinjaNinjaOwO (i need to know her ways) •KittyDog (meme machine) •Kubz Scouts (i have no idea why I haven't been watching his videos in a while) •Akidearest (that hAIR) •The Anime Man (currently dating aki) •Lost Pause (noble senpai) •Issa (also known as twaimz) •Ufohouse (tord noises) •Scotch (goat) •Guava Juice (whenever i get bored i decide to watch his videos)


Anime List-
•Attack On Titan (ereri) •Soul Eater (symmetry) •Hunter X Hunter (killua x gon) •Akame Ga Kill (tatsumi and lubbock) •Naruto (sasunaru) •Durarara!! (shizaya) •Parasyte -The Maxim- (yay)


Kpop Band List-
•Bts (blood, sweat, and tears + dope + i need u) •BigBang (bang bang bANG) •Astro (breathless + hide & seek) •Ladies' Code (the rain) •NCT U (the 7th sense)


Band List-
•Panic! At The Disco (owo) •Twenty One Pilots (aYE) •Green Day (yeeeee) •My Chemical Romance (ye) •Fall Out Boy (y e) •Coldplay (okay) •Magic! (i think thats the name of the band) •Bruno Mars (just bc of his old songs from 2011 or something)


Book List-
•Wings Of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy (cLAY) •Wings Of Fire: The Lost Heir (tSUNAMI) •Wings Of Fire: The Hidden Kingdom (gLORY) •Wings Of Fire: The Dark Secret (sTARFLIGHT) •Wings Of Fire: The Brightest Night (sUNNY) •Wings Of Fire: Moon Rising (mOONWATCHER) •Wings Of Fire: Winter Turning (wINTER) •Wings Of Fire: Escaping Peril (pERIL) •Wings Of Fire Legends: Darkstalker (dARKSTALKER) •The Underland Chronicles: Gregor The Overlander (ge-go) •The Underland Chronicles: Gregor And The Prophecy Of Bane (ares and gregor make a great bond -maybe-)


TV Show List-
•Impractical Jokers (aYE) •Adam Ruins Everything (facts) •Comedy Knockout (:3) •Jon Glaser Loves Gear (gEARRRRR) •Hack My Life (i swear im just putting trutv shows) •Greatest Ever (yep, i am just putting trutv shows) •The Carbonaro Effect (i love the jokers special :D) •RuPaul's Drag Race (queens ♡)


Movie List-
•Pitch Perfect (uwu) •Train To Busan (iTS AMAZING AND ZOMBIES AND IT'S A KOREAN MOVIE AND A SEQUEL IS IN THE MAKING! But then it won't have the korean cast.. How sad..) •Shin Godzilla (i slept at the end but it's still pretty good)

this is a thingy that i started in 2k16

Izaya Orihara is some RaNdOm Informant

Shizuo Heiwajima throws things at the iNfAmOuS Informant Because They Probs Love Each Other :^)

Death The Kid is Some Reaper Who Is Pretty Much A Symmetry Dork~

My Crush Doesn't Like Me ;-;
(Yet I Think He Stares At Me At School Sometimes-)



🏳️‍🌈 touya
eggforest_prince / rediitea
Denada Draws
Maisie Draws
plumioh 🐝


School Quotes~

"Can I bite you, Jaime?" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"Can I bite you?" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"DEATH THE KID NOTICE MEEEEEE" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"I don't want to be Info Chan or Senpai" - Jaime (Classmate/Random Friend) 2016
"ARIEL THE WEIRDO" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"ARIEL THE WEIRDO" - Chris (Classmate) 2016
"I kissed two poles!" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"JAIME KISS NAISEN!" - Ariel (Friend That Is In A Different Class) 2016
"JAIME KISS ARIEL!" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"Jaime, I will pay you 50 bucks if you kiss Naisen" - Ariel (Friend That Is In A Different Class) 2016
"Hello, Annoying Ariel!" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"Stop Teasing Me!" - Yasmine (Used To Be Classmate/Ex-Friend) 2016
"I'm getting weirder and weirder every day" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"Roses Are Red, Voilets Are Blue, I Saw The Garbage Man, Why Are You Still Here?" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"Hisssssss" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"I Am Harambe" - Daniel (Classmate) 2016
"No, Seriously, I Have A Cat Named Elizabeth 3rd" - Jaime (Classmate/Random Friend) 2016
"Hi Jumin~" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"I'll Call You Soul!" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"Promise Me You'll Never Get Married, Okay Christa?" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016
"I'm A Potato!" - Desiree (Classmate/Friend) 2016
"Stop Touching My Hair!" - Jaime (Classmate/Random Friend) 2016
"Now I Got Two People Who Poke Me.." - Jaime (Classmate/Random Friend) 2016
"She Pokes Me, And YOU Touch My Hair." - Jaime (Classmate/Random Friend) 2016
"I DRANK SOME WHISKEY LAST NIGHT-" - Michael/Mike (Classmate/Random Friend) 2016
"I was forced to go to this Hell-Hole." - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2017


Google Classroom Quotes~ (google classroom is just a random site that my school uses)
"i w a n t t o r e a d t o r d x r e a d e r f a n f i c s , r i g h t n o w" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2017
"my profile picture is my norwegian husbando, tord" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2017
"with a flower crown" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2017
"im sorry to fail you in the future" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2017
"my profile picture resembles me eating you" - Jaden (Classmate/Friend) 2017


SC Quotes~

"ITS SNOUGH" - Bri/Cat (That Person Who Has A Slade) 2016
"I Missed You.. Mc~" - Naisen/Wolfy (Me) 2016


Youtube Ouotes~

"happy holigays" - Ufo/Ufohouse (a person who has beautiful animation memes. and Loki.) 2016


Stuff i go on other than SC:⬇️
Weeworld: WolfyLeOtaku (Not Active)
Framecast: WolfySNKAOT (Rarely Active)
Minecraft PE: EddsworldFangirl (Active Sometimes)
Animal Jam: Wolfyattackontitan (Rarely Active)
MediBang Paint: AsymmetricalMysticEmoTrash (Rarely Active)
SoundCloud: Anime Wolfy (Rarely Active)
AsymmetricalTrash (Rarely Active)
Wattpad: (i forgot my first account ;-; )
AsymmetricalFujoshi (I Only Read Fanfics And I Don't Update My One-Shot Book So.. Sometimes Active??)
Google+: (First Account) Crazy Equals Genius Wolfy (Rarely Active)
(Second Account) Error/Wolfy Miko (Active)
Quotev: Error Wolfy Miko (Rarely Active)
Youtube: Error/Wolfy Miko (Linked For The Website Thing) (I Only Make Private Playlists And Rarely Comment But I'm On There Most Of The Time So.. Active)


Besties (all of them got awesome art and are awesome):⬇️

Silver kitty anime hair is fabulous

H.K.M very nice indeed

✨Little_Angelbun i have no idea if we're still buddies on aj. oh well.

🍼🍥 Pastel Trash🍥🍼 i also have no idea if we're still buddies on aj. oh well.

Spilled_Milk milk that is spilled

PrincessSEV funny and a fan of levi

☄Zulim's drawings🎤 another fan of levi :0

GlassedAnimeNerd anime fren and second otaku buddy :3

Dan and Phil trash c u p c a k e s

SitGayAndTall how do you slay things

FalconBlade I think he's a falcon with a blade. And I still think that.

Dango-kun grandma??????????

🍂❄️Shy Kyo❄️🍂 They're with Cresent and the shipping is honestly adorable :,)

your oc kira is fabulous

Dratini 💙 "Drawing Dratini" :,)

☆Lizzie☆ I dunno if you love max and sky still ;-;

Annieitsme perfectly perfect for me :,) love you :,)

Inactive a cat made of candy and is one my otaku buddies

FluffkinFire shipped with a flower

Glitter shin //puts glitter on you// sparkly

Jdjdfnfn ally is awesome

🐉🐱Dragon Drawer🐱🐉 My third otaku bud

AVeryJollyFangirl We're both wolves :0

❄️️IcyWolfie❄️️ either a girl thats a wolf or a female wolf. i dunno. oh! and also mystic messenger.

🤓ThatGeekAri🤓 Ari x Night

dee. how am i kawaii

Magic~Pie soul eater bestie :,)

💖Mimiitsme💖 One of Annie's IRL friends : )

vvulpus im frens with one of my senpais :,)

👻🔪Spo0pyKat🔪👻 apparently they're a killer kat

Clutzcat either ditz and le dogz or clutz and le catz

Maeoh salty kewl bean

TJeffersonTJuice c a t s

WarriorCatsFan ye

Syk grandmother : )

⚔️TheClosetCreature mother (even though im adopted) :,)

Shadeic64 cs

Choco🍫Loco choco

Kaiju🔷Blue spider bun

Slee.p.lz im their first fan :,)

Bluewolf24173 loves anime and is my fifth otaku bud

Apple sugar pandora bud

Anonymous l e m o n f a n f i c s

Kōdisan h o t t o p i c : , )

_NOT_ACTIVE_ is an i n s a n e artist. also supposed to be my sister.

Anonymous p o c k y

🌵Ł Ì Ł Ÿ🌵 im their senpai :,) also their art is adorable !!

Pinkdragon ships alot of shippings. s a m e f o r m e

🔺 Cat.Dreamer™ 🔻 I still love Andrew;;

DrawingFan✏️ e d d s w o r l d a n d a n i m e

Tawnyleaf i m i g h t be their clone

Fluffy probably worships josh dun. same. and i think i relate to you on all tøp levels :,)

⚘sunset⚘ paultryk and coffee :,) also an innocent, wheezing, and amazing drawer. teach me your skills-

⭐️Pastel🌸Cøla i thank you for making an amazing headcanon and i love your ask eddsworld stuff uwu

app.sketchclub.com/user/10195252 hOLY STICK- aNOTHER FILIPINO-

Okay. Its Mads. holy hecc are you my clone or am i your clone ?? oh wait, i guess you're my clone.

Kirschtein06 attack on titan, yaoi, and mystic messenger ;0

Cnady i need dragon tips , and mostly for wings of fire dragons as well :,)

🍥Vanilla_Swirls🍥 v nice and also looks up to me, so thank ;w; also made my first fanart, so thank you v much!!

TrashLyd one of the most motivating people on this planet, and also really, and i mean really, kind!

-Muffin- probably worships tyler joseph while fluffy worships josh dun :,) and i think i also relate to you on all tøp levels :,) also made my second fanart, and its fanart of my personas other version, so thank you v much as well!!

AnActualAnn aaaccckkk- im someones favorite person on here- thank you !!

(i have more people to put here but i forgot their users. anyways, ill be adding the people i remember their users here v)



5 ✅ 10 ✅ 15 ✅ 20 ✅ 25 ✅ 30 ✅ 35 ✅ 40 ✅ 45 ✅ 50 ✅ 55 ✅ 60 ✅ 65 ✅ 70 ✅ 75 ✅ 80 ✅ 85 ✅ 90 ✅ 95 ✅ 100 ✅ 105✅ 110✅ 115✅ 120✅ 125✅ 130✅ 135✅ 140 ✅ 145✅ 150✅ 155✅ 160✅ 165✅ 170✅ 175✅ 180✅ 185✅ 190✅ 195✅ 200 ✅ 205✅ 210✅ 215✅ 220✅ 225✅ 230✅ 235✅ 240✅ 245✅ 250✅ 255✅ 260✅ 265✅ 270✅ 275✅ 280✅ 285✅ 290✅ 295✅ 300✅ 305✅ 310✅ 315✅ 320✅ 325✅ 330✅ 335✅ 340✅ 345✅ 350✅ 355✅ 360✅ 365✅ 370✅ 375✅ 380✅ 385✅ 390❌ 395❌ 400❌


☆¤ デッドキング ¤☆
🐉🐱Dragon Drawer🐱🐉


Brownie Person:⬇️


F a b u l o u s:⬇️
☆¤ デッドキング ¤☆


Fellow Filipinos :⬇️
☆¤ デッドキング ¤☆


Pandora! :⬇️
☆¤ デッドキング ¤☆
Apple sugar


Mother: ⚔️TheClosetCreature
Father: Vincent
Grandmother: Syk
Aunt: WarriorCatsFan
Child: Spilled_Milk
Child: ☆¤ デッドキング ¤☆
Child: 👻CandygoreCat🎃


Pocky ;0 :⬇️
☆¤ デッドキング ¤☆


E D D S W O R L D : ⬇️
Edd (cola child): ❌Akemi❌
Matt (mirrors and such) : Loxy the Fox
Tom (drunk boi): ☆¤ デッドキング ¤☆
Tord (guns and hentai are great): ☆Lizzie☆
Mark (nice chin, mark!): SEA seagull
Jon (too precious for this world): Azulsun
Paul (best co-pilot :,) ): ⚘sunset⚘
Patryk (worst pilot xD): ⭐️Pastel🌸Cøla
Ringo (c a t): Pegisam
Torm (Tom and Tord Reject :D): 🇮🇪IRISHMUM❤️


~ / m u s i c \ ~ / a n d \ ~ / a r t \ ~ / a r e \ ~ / m y \ ~ / e s c a p e s \ ~

Erm, Want Some Cookies? Cause, Here, I Have Them



literally no one knew what i was talking about when i said that at school :^(
i guess it's the death of a bachelor now
is this bad for my health


~♡let's kill tonight♡~

▪◇help me◇▪

-♧it's fun to fantasize, right..?♧-

⊙°i wonder how my lungs could fill with fire°⊙

□■i can't exhale desire■□

●○there's no sound to hide behind○●

•¤i'm driving here i sit,¤•

《♤cursing my government,♤》

^|for not using my taxes to fill holes with more cement|^

*¡i'm fairly local¡*

<%death inspires me like a dog inspries a rabbit%>

!?some see a pen, i see a harpoon?!

@#help me polarize#@

[(I will set my soul on fire)]

&$stay in your lane boy$&

×+don't trust a perfect person+×

÷=don't trust a song that's flawless=÷

\¿somebody stole my car radio¿/

>]and now i just sit in silence[<

~♡i feel it coming, babe♡~

♡▪you deserve it, baby, you deserve it all▪♡

×"strawberry champagne on ice"×




im dead inside more than usual.
is this bad?
but who cares?
most people are dead inside,
so why not be dead as well?

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