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Made this on Framcast! Go check out the rest of my animations there.

Check out this if you want. It tells about my big brother's passing. It may be kinda old now but... I just want to put this out there if I need any random support or something. http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10648152

Welcome to my profile! Wait.. what are you doing in my house?! GIT OUTTA HERE BEFORE I USE A BELT TO WHIP- Oh... my bad! I thought you were some sort of Niblet catcher. Well, anywho, make yourself at home!
Mhmm. Yes. Come in! Come in! I have wide varieties of tea and warm cookies that you could choose! Please, enjoy your stay here at the glorious and most devine household of Mrs.Squishy's palace! It's quite the pleasure to meet you, indeed!

Nicknames I'm Usually Called: Luna (Usernames can switch to LunaSquishy), Luna Baboona, Nibs, Niblet, Nibbles, The Squish, Sliver (Inside joke between me and my mom. It means I get under people's skin... because I'm pretty annoying... :')

I don't sketch/draw any anime or am a fan of it. Sorry. I've grown up watching cartoons and am only used to drawing them. The only type of anime I'd prefer is the type from Studio Ghibli or whatever their name is. They have a nice style.

I am a huge fan of FNaF (mhm, cringe all you want). Here's a cute little video of all the FNaF characters! All credit goes to the animator and video owner. http://youtu.be/prWrS-jYmRM I basically love it for its 80s theme and the spooky animatronics. Mangle/ Toy Foxy/ Funtime Foxy is so far my most favorite for multiple reasons.

❗️BIG NOTE❗️: Be aware that I also make my style of Mangle with male pronouns. I don't want any sexist/stereotypical 9 year olds spamming about his gender when there is clearly more proof to him being a man. :/
I will also do this for the Puppet, all the Bonnies, the shadow animatronics (S. Freddy and S. Bonnie), or basically all the characters who are mistaken as ladies.

As silly as this may sound, I DO infact have an imaginary friend named Johnny Foster. I will draw him A LOT! And I am officially married to this fella. Dun touch my boi.

I am a huge fan of Swing/Big Band. It's basically music from the 20s-30s. I also love 50s and 80s music of any kind. I especially love orchestral, like Two Steps From Hell and Thomas Bergerson.
I'm not entirely a fan of modern music, or at least pop music, to be more specific. It doesn't give off a nice vibe to me. Modern rap, especially, is literally the bane of my existence. The lyrics for every one is either about sex, alcohol, weed, or "hot babes". I cannot believe people actually call that music,

Ohoho. Did I mention I'm a fan of clowns??... I know. Pretty awkward, you could say. The ones who look more spooky are the ones I tend to enjoy the most! 🎀🎭

Heritages: Basically, the majority of Europe. Lel.

I also love scientifically accurate dinosaurs. Saurian is a blessing to have. :')

Another Note: Don't call me a "they" or anything like that. I'm not from tumblr and I have all the parts of a woman.

Oh, and one last thing: I am a Christian and a strong believer of anything spiritual. It may be out of the ordinary for me to draw... "creepy" things, but that's mainly intended from my personality, feelings, and my crazy toony style. I believe in mediumship, and ancient spiritual healing (like Reiki) is really cool too! May the Lord bless us all with love and light, my fellow squishies. 👌🏻✝

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