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Some dudes I've actually (even kinda) met:
It's been forever si
Nullified Infinity
la luna

Some dudes I'd commit murder to actually meet:
Lethal Blue
plumioh 🐝

“The way I see it? Life has favorites. And to be one of those favorites is the best friggin’ thing that can happen to you. I mean, sure, okay, it doesn’t feel great: you get beat up, beat down, you’ve been through hell enough times to send a postcard, you’ve seen things, heard things, been through things that makes it seem like you’re far from being anyone or anythings’ ‘favorite.’ But I want you to just think about it. You’ve been through so much, you’ve done so many things, gone and survived all that you could and made it out the other side so when people decide to throw sh!t at you, you’re prepared.

Now what about those other people? The ones who sit there, do nothing, lie on their couches and enjoy the good life, what’re they gonna get out of that? What makes it so good to just do nothing? You’re out here changing the world, sharing your experiences, giving people something to get up each morning for, and they call their life the good life?

So yeah. I think life has favorites. I know life has favorites. And we are those favorites because life knows we can do it. Life knows it can throw whatever it wants at us and we’ll still be standing there in the end, beaten and bloodied and screaming curses ‘til our lungs give out. Life knows that you’re more than you think you are.

So let me be the first to tell you that you’re the one living the real good life.”

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