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Female from United States born on March 21st member since Jan. 28, 2015 1,598 sketches uploaded 318 fans website https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC8_Rx3-9_FlTunbssPrf2Zg  
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Hello, welcome to my profile.
If you make fanart for me link it back.
Cupcake and I account- Crystal93/pinky tron

Oc list-http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10854240

About me:
I'm female
I'm gay
and I love drawing.

Stuff where you can find me

Tumblr - https://pinkytron3000.tumblr.com/archive
YouTube - https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCg7nliijLr7FPnHNcwTDoMQ
DA - http://giftbox3000.deviantart.com
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pinky.tron.35/photos

Fandoms I'm in:
South Park
Five nights at Freddy's
Bendy and the ink machine
Gravity falls
Reverse falls
Steven universe
Undertale (all of its aus to)
Sailor moon
Melanie Martinez/cry baby
popee the performer

My ships:
Bonnie X Freddy
Chica X foxy
Springtrap X golden Freddy
Spring Bonnie X Fredbear
Pinky pie X rainbow dash
mike X jeremy
purple guy X phone guy
Toy Bonnie X Toy freddy
Shadow Bonnie X Shadow Freddy
Csent x Shy
Undine X Alphys
Baby X Ballora
Funtime Freddy X Puppet Bonnie
Twilight Sparkle X Sunset Shimmer
Applejack X Rarity
Bonbon X Lyra
Vinyl scratch X Octavia
Mangle X Toy Chica
Flufflepuff X Queen cheese legs
Harley Quinn X poison Ivy
Dipper Pines X Bill Sifining gasoli
Mabel Pines X Pacifica Northwest
Dipper Gleeful X Will Cipher
Tom X Tord
Chara X Frisk
Matt X Edd
miku x luka
rin x gumi
ia x yukari
yowane haku x akita neru
len x Kaito
anon x kanon
Paul x Patrick
jacksepticeye x pewdiepie
Black hat x dr flug
Sailor moon/usagi x sailor mars/rei
Sailor mercury/ami x sailor jupiter/makoto
Sailor uranus/haruka x sailor neptune/michiru
Sailor chibi moon/chibiusa x sailor saturn/Hotaru Tomoe
Steven x Connie
Lars x Sadie
Ruby x Sapphire
Pearl x Rose
Pearl x Amethyst
Pearl x Mystery girl
Peridot x Lapis lazuli
Blue pearl x Yellow pearl
Blue diamond x Pink diamond
Blue diamond x Yellow diamond
Sans x grillby
Tweek x Craig
Butters x Kenny
Aoki x Merli
Galako x Cul
seeu x mayu
miki x piko

( I need help, I have too many ship )
Niknames to call me (idea from boo)
Pinky tron
Phone gal
Funtime Freddy

Play this song https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w5Fgp-KihIA and I kill you!
I hate that song!

requests nope
art trades nope
co-op yes
Redraws yup!
Design trade sure!

Don't trust anyone on the internet, I've learned that now...

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