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I'm a little sh*t


How are you?

I'm fine thanks for asking

I am an 12 year old girl who THINKS she's cool. I play the piano, am on a competitive swim team, and play basketball. I have a 3 year old French Bulldog named Barry, and my sister is: seapanda02

My personality traits:

People I know irl: seapanda02 (my sister) Scout (my cousin) RandomTheCat (my friend) RainbowWarrior (my friend)

Please subscribe to my YouTube!!!!: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCG0DofzAdJdamqmiP7HDJgg


"You call them fish, I call them fishy- Colin

"I wasn't allergic to anything... until I ate a leaf, then I was allergic to pollen"- Colin

"Ooooo, I want the satanic llama."- me

"Don't think I won't lick this thing."-I just heard this random person

"We're ganna get twisty"- seapanda02

"I'm watching my feet around you"- me

"I'm ganna/I will(I don't remember) touch the llama"- me

"Oh, I just saw Abby's dogs breeding"- me

"Ew! Your crevices are moist!- Hope

"I like hopping up and down on my alligator."- me

"Come here I need your hands"- Kaitlyn


"I'm so upset! I can't even lick my spoon!"- me

"We need to get a good toy... that doesn't have a suckable face."- me

"Everyone likes tomatoes, except for the peaple who don't."- me

"Is he... on anything?" *scooches forward* "I'm on a chair- peaple doing improv at drama

"Breath out, lick lip, honk."- seapanda02

"Yeah I also like them, pillows are good forks."- Hollyclaw

“Do u think sand is called sand because it’s in between sea and land?”- Doepuffs

"I am not hyped, I AM hype" - me

"I am the physical embodiment of hype"- me

"I got bored keeping her in the corner so i decided to bring her to you."- me


Me-"I'm not an introvert or and extravert." Katy-"You're a pervert."- me and my friend



Drog(I might change the name): http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10857941 (I'll make a ref later)

Go fan TamsyTam she has SUPER cute art, plus she's really nice and ugh I just can't she's the best

I think I'm part of a squad now:

Lilyspark ,

🦕Lionfang ,

Hollyclaw ,

Doepuffs , and


They all are super nice and have great art! Go fan them!

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80 fans: this is sick nasty bro✅
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100 fans: the true goal✅
125 fans: imma start counting by 25❌
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200 fans: let's be honest, this will never happen❌

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I'm a little sh*t

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