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Am from Birmingham. Used to be on AWF. Draw on an iphone. Every pic has a tagline for it. A drawing topic usually makes me think of a song, so i listen to it whilst i draw and it kinda sets the tone for whatever I come up with and normally inspires the tagline link.

I'd like to add, after all this time, a massive thank you to all who stop by, to all those who have hit the the heart button, the like device and all the rockin' comments that have been graciously bestowed upon me. I am very grateful and appreciate you all. Thanks for embracing the silliness of someone who should probably know better

Thank you too, to all those who nominated me and voted for me in the awards! As if that happened, that i was allowed to get that far!?!? Ha ha ha ha! Truly taken aback...here's to the lot of you!


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