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Peridot-Smiling like the happiest gem in the world

Hey! Feeling down? I just wanna let you know that even though some people in this world are cruel and lie to you and make you feel hurt..there will always be someone who loves you..it could be your family or your close friend..or it could even be god. and for sure, i know he DOES love you. Even if you don't believe in him..Also, if you're interested..you can download Bible for kids app. I've been using it and i've learned quite alot from it. Good luck and god bless you! Stay happy

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Hi, I'm just here looking for new friends

I am christian.

I don't like to curse/swear.
cartoons movies and shows i like~|
Steven universe

Spongebob squarepants

The croods

The lion guard

The lion king 1

The lion king 2

The lion king 1½

Dennis the menace
Games i like



Mario kart wii u

New super mario bros U

Super mario 3d world

Super mario galaxy

Mario sunshine

Fat princess

Little big planet 1

Little big planet 2

Sonic adventure 2

The dog island

Also..I'm gonna share this little project of mine..Enjoy!
And me singing!
Petz rescue wildlife vet music in my channel!
Selection:https: //youtu.be/eB5qccUYAgw

Visit to the vet: https://youtu.be/eB5qccUYAgw

Checkup: https://youtu.be/mjfSB2Cp988

Phone music: https://youtu.be/L18Vx7Dzbc4

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