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Hey *waves awkwardly*
I'm a major book worm
I dress like an emo but I ain't one cuz no
I'm obsessed with music, cats, and Bert McCracken which includes The Used❤️❤️❤️

⚠️⚠️WARNING⚠️⚠️-I am very weird and sometimes I tend to cuss if I just aint feelin it somedays so if I cuss its not supposed to be insulting unless you treat me like 💩.

I really REALLY hope that you peepzurs enjoy my sucky artwork and yeah

(Artwork is an album from The Used btw)

About meh~
-Bewks (books) -Beanies
-Bert McCracken -Gloves
-Me friends -Chokers
-Hoodies -Black hair & Blue eyes, which I dont have ;-;
-etc etc

Requests: Nup
Art trades: Nup
Co-ops:Noooop sorreh

-Pop music
-anything mainstream rlly
-Bright colors
-Ppl who pick on me or my friends
-Art Block


Me frends (fan dem u must)
PurpleRavage💜 ~very funny and was once a bab (baby)
Fireburst🔥(Gone) ~ very noice and relatable yees
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ~ Very welcoming and nice yes
ComicSands ~ ME TWIN!!!
ShinyJasmine (will link later m8)~ She gave me my name ;^D

I am a very sensitive person with EXTREMELY fragile feelings. Just a heads up...

My favorite song is Smother Me by The Used
My favorite book is the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard you guys should check it out *v*
I play the following instruments;
-Clarinet *toot*
-Bass guitar
(see, I am a music fanatic)

So uh I THINK thats it... idrk
Thanks for wastin' your time on this biography, I'd appreciate it if u'd fan me but I'm not begging, so bah

OI M8Z I aint gonna be on SC anymore cuz I no feel like it :^)


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