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What, you never seen a chica named after a color before? Well now you have so ya! Anywho, my names . I am magical

Id love to thank for the super emoticon for me //cough//

One thing I have to say, and no one is allowed to argue, sylveon are the greatest thing known to man and I love them and they are bae.

My bae: MagicalDelaney_CBB
My origins(itll make sense when u see it): http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10590842

Sempai: RCCola
Trying to limit my senpai numbers but senpai2:

If anyone has a particular pokemon they are particularly fond of, post it hear on my page or on the page of a sketch I sketched, and I will work on drawing it. Check back on me in a couple of days, and I should have it complete.

I have no clue who invented anime, but I know they are pretty dang fricken genius- like on a Walt Disney level!

"There will always be love, there will always be hope, and there will always be magic!"
"Hyperspace is an intergalactic highway, just deal with it!"
"It's not arguing, it's making you know I'm right!"
"It's not adorable if it's not Sylveon or a Baby-child"
"Kiss the rainbow!#skittles"
"Keep Pink Young!"
"Cross Always Stands"
"It's not debating if I'm right. Or if your proving my point for me!"
"Every masterpiece starts with a line"
"Three square meels a day keeps the hunger away!"
"I dont need to be taken seriously, I just need to be taken strongly!"
These are some of my my QUOTES OF SWAGINESS!!! More will come, trust me, and as they do come, they will be posted!

Thank you to all whom have fanned me!!!!! Always look for the good and amazing and swag and light(and that's a lot of and's) in life!

Also, I have this wierd intergalactic issue...
Vey amazing TV shows that I have to suggest and urge ya'll to watch:
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (On ABC)
Once Upon A Time(on ABC)

Mys symbol of awsomeness!

Season four of once upon a time is so dang bae!!!
Did you know that Shakespear invented the word 'swag'?

Sketch Club Goals:
hmmmm theyve all been completed....

If you fan, I'll always fan back!!! Unless, of course, your the one fanning back!!!!!

Good Music Artists Youve Probably Never Herd Of But Should Definatly Check Out:
God Help The Girl
Sabrina Carpenter

About pokemon🤓🤓🤓🤓:
In oras i am a bronze ranking flag hunter and secret base trainer(i noooi... #pathetic... But still a major accomplishment!!)
... Actually, im almost to Silver
HOOOLD IT!!! Im half way through silver
My party is made up mainly of fairy types, exept 4 a wailmer!!! And a celebi
I try my hardest with fairy types
OMG!!!! I just got yellow and red (aka 2 of the ORIGINAL POKEMON GAMES) for my 2DS. Only played yellow do far but it is so SWAAAAG!!!!
Scratch that, iv started red... Not so fun...

My OC Ships and bae dates:
Pinkest and Elijah (my 2 fifa explorers)

Total FINAL FANTASY freak... Upload way too much of it... Heres my liscense for my girl
liscense for meh baby boy
FIFA SHIIIIIP: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10579769

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::(gosh that looks cool)

Amazing Sketchists That You Should Go Fan:
MagicalDelaney_CBB MYYY BAAAEE
Harrypotterlvr one of my closest friends
Anonymous she reeeaaallly nice!!!
Magic~Pie very sweet soul, go check her out
💠ThatFangirlKitty💙 KittyKitty😺
Cresent Very nice on of my closest friends on sketch club, not IRL, though I wudnt mind IRL friendship with her!
CHANGING ACCOUNTS She amazing!!!! Cute art she amazing!!!
purplekid lovly person
Disneygirl109 Wonderful artist #MOOGLELUV!!!!!
ᑕ I ᖇ ᗩ ᐯ ᗩ Her characters are just plain THE BEST!!!
FalconBlade Go feauture he needs it and desrvs it
Disneygirl109 MOOGLE BUDDIES!!! KUPO!!!
Jules Very sweet lady helped out when I needed it bad
RCCola SEMPAI NOTICED ME!! Also, ur people r crazy fantastic😊
Angiemazing(dead acc Wonderful art
gone,, nani?????! TEACH ME TO DRAW
💚Tamax-lee💚 Lovly work
°Cristal Magic° OMI GREAT WORK

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