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Hello! You can call me Holly!
Profile picture made by Flipflop you should um fan them.

Warrior cats= life lol I love the warrior cat series I've read all the books in each series. I'm a friendly and funny artist and try to make ppl laugh! Feel free to ask me any questions even tho I'm a noob lol

Things I like:

Warrior cats


Utubers like dantdm Crainer and blixemi and aphmooooo

Hmmm I like undertale

People I look up to:
And.......... All my fans
And finally people u should fan cuz they are awesome (sorry I can't put the pfp lol I'm a noob)

Unicatproductions (THEM SKILLS)

Warriors lover❤️ (Awesome person needs more fans)


Dawnsplash (super kind and creative!)

Lilyspark ( NEEDS MORE FANS )

Luminescence (oh you changed your name...)

MysticLuna (how are you so good at art!?)

AthenaWolf (AMAZING SKILLS OVER 90000)

Lionfang (amazing, and super creative)

Tawnyleaf (amazing art)


Doepuffs (lol sorry I didn't put u on sooner! COOL CAT)

Nightfuryswims (awesome funny cool AND MORE)

Random Draws (super nice and AMAZING ART)

I'm part of a lil group: Doepuffs Lilyspark Lionfang Nightfuryswims XxSkylarSketchesXx NightfuryDraws
Watermelon-Sunset and me!

And there u have it I will probably never get 100 fans but I'll try.... Lol BTW I have an awesome quote here it is:

Oh my gosh the vegetables!-cooker from downton abbey

2 shout outs to a few ppl who made thank you cards to me. Warriors lover❤️ And Dawnsplash


10 fans ✅

20 fans ✅

30 fans ✅

40 fans✅

50 fans✅?????!!!!!!

60 (I'm tired of writing fans)✅ how is this possible

70✅ Ok what!? U like my art!?

80✅ If ur a fan there MUST be something wrong with you... You like my art!?!?!?


100✅ OMG OMG OMG OMG.... Thank you so much.... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 thank you. And also...




Ps I'm not much of a shipper... Shipping is wierd no offence but it's creepy... And yes I know about the whole HollyBadger thing... Lol DOE THIS WAS YOUR DOING

Here a bit of Hollyclaws story;
"Mama who is that? Hollykit, he is your father come, let's go meet him. Hollykit and her mother (I CANT REMEMBER HER NAME) padded out to greet the sturdy Tom, he purred and leaned down towards Hollykit, "you seem like a tough little one. He purred. "I-I'm Hollykit"
Hollykit mewed and held her chin higher, n-nice to meet you. I will continue later

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