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All of my friends say I'm the best artist in the grade I'm very honest and loyal to my religion. P.S if u have any requests for what to draw then leave in the comments plz OMG I sound like a YouTuber.🤓

Best Sketch Club Friend


So guys all my fans will be part of the NERD FORCE so ya peace out my fellow nerds🤓

Best Friends IRL
Grace- 😎geco😎 -so flipping amazing
Addison-like a brother to me
Carter-we're good now one of my bffs
Owen-almost as good an artist as me-amazing at drawing cars
Aaron-BGF-Best Gaming Friend-
Conner-has the dirtiest mind of all people on earth
Macy-best soccer goalie in my grade
Christina Elena-sweetest sweet heart of all the sweethearts
Parrish-best athlete
Locke-my brother-he's in college-*sobs in a corner* I miss him so much waaaaaa
Zoë-is totally awesome and I tell her a bunch if girl crud

Best Camp Friends IRL
Conner-failing buddy
Yasmin- I ❤️ NY
Parker: tank top doofus
Xander: freak of nature athlete
Eli- show off fail
William- try's to be smexy........FAIL
Iris- when ever I leave her alone with William she gets high on blackberries
Nole- Eli's little bro and hilarious
Jack- Alex's little bro and has more hair than any boy ever it's a big puff on his head
Alex- ❤️ And falling buddy we both fall on roots so much

My Dream Job
Sniper in the Military

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100 fans❤️

Goals on sketch club
Get fanned by Mark✅
Get a feature❌
100 fans❌

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