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My name was Cheesepizzia and then it was 💚 Cheese 💚 And then it was SolarCheese, as I said 3 times already, Old Sport.

I call everyone Old Sport.

Hi! I'm Cheese but you can call me Cheese or Tickle Fingers. I'm an Angsty Teen (hAha SISTER LOCATOIN MEMZ!!11!one!!1!!). I draw a lot of stuff which is obviously obvious. okay what the heck. This is not the longest bio/description thing ever anymore.
I'm terrible with names don't judge me... WHY DON'T YOU GET A JOB.

I joke around A LOT. But I'm also very serious.

Milestones: (Thank you ^^)

✓Reach 70 fans - :D AHHH Thank you so much I could hug you, but my hands are freezing. I was standing outside for a few minutes.

✓ Reach 80 fans - Thank you so (insert swear work here) much! I really appreciate it! (Sorry I am bad at spelling lol) Love ya~ tysm


✓Reach 100 fans -
Honestly, I never thought I'd get to this point. There will be a lot coming soon!

Reach 200 - Ok this will never happen :O
Reach 300 - This will happen when I'm long dead.

Awesome People You Should Fan Because They Are Awesome:

Coffee_Cakes (My sister - She's younger than me <:0)

Lillia_thehog (M8 - "Yes.")

Lullay draws! 🎨🖌 (Dude yo art is fabulousss x3)

Comet noodle (Old Sport - Your art is amazing and you're an amazing friend to have!)

Queen☆Macabre (Dude your art is amazing!!!11!one1!! Keep up the good work, old sport! I wish I could say more, but your art is too good for words! x3 you're an awesome friend too!)

Rainbowlilyartist (Dude your art is amazing and you always comment nice things on my artwork and it makes me feel happy especially when I feel sad that day)

SpringLockGamer (Dude your art is awesome!! You continue to improve and it gets better and better. For your first pieces were lineless, I couldn't even do that at the start! Lineless art is very hard to do and it's nice to have that talent!)

💎Crystal93💎 (Your art is awesome and adorable! Keep doin' what your doin'! And also your animating on YouTube is really awesome! Animating is truly a talent! and it's really hard x3)

Cherry•Blossom (Dude your art is suuppeerr cute and kawaii! Keep doing what ye doin' good friend!)


(terraria has a fandom right?)

Games I Like:
-Bendy and the Ink Machine
-Planet Centauri
-Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion (HD Renovation)

Social Stuff (whatever the heck it is)
DeviantArt: SolarCheese: http://solarcheese.deviantart.com/?rnrd=222462
YouTube: SolarCheese: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzeT8QjtJtit1vFiYIEaMcQ

stupid stuff
-i like the smell of hotel air conditioners.

-I slept until 11am once
no wait, i did that twice

-I don't like watching tv

-I was first introduced to Sketch Club by Starbucks.

-I love RPGs, but I am REALLY bad at them! and now im getting better

-I like horror mate

-I'm the weirdest person you ever met.

"Important" Quotes:


"Would you like some pepperoni on your pepperoni pizza?" - My sister while playing the worst game in exsistence, Roblox.

"Wowie Zowie Oopie Powie" - Markimoo

there is more to come.

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