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My name is not a typo deal with it, Old Sport.

Birthday Countdown: 15 days

Hi! I'm Cheesepizzia, you can call me Cheese. I'm 12 years old and I've been using this app for about 3-4 years! I've been watching speedpaints and browsing fanart to improve my skills and develop my own style! It was until 2015 when I started to advance in it, but I never posted until last year. In this description there are things that I like, funny/akward stories, links to my friend's and sister's profiles, and a somewhat daily update! Hope you like my gallery
Have a noice day mateys :3

Things on this that I'd like to be done:
✓ Reach 30 fans - tysm

✓ Reach 40 fans - tysm

✓ Reach 50 fans - tysm you're all awesome :D

✓ Reach 60 fans - Tysm you're all wonderful people :3

✓Reach 70 fans - :D AHHH Thank you so much I could hug you, but my hands are freezing. I was standing outside for a few minutes.

✓ Reach 80 fans - Thank you so (insert swear work here) much! I really appreciate it! (Sorry I am bad at spelling lol) Love ya~ tysm

I want a cookie, but my mom keeps eating mine

Reach 90 fans - I'll stream more (Getting so close!!!)

Reach 100 fans -
If I reach 100 fans i will kick the desk fan in my room and it would hurt my toe. OK I WON'T KICK THE FAN MY DAD SAID HE WOULD GET ME A CAKE. (i will draw a desk fan because desk fans are evil!)

My Sister- (go fan her pls :3)

(Irl) Friends- (go fan them pls :3)


Games I Play & Like:
-FNaF 1, 2, 3, 4, World, & SL
-DSaF 1 & 2
-Final Nights 2
-FNaC 1, 2, & 3
-Insanity (FNaF Fangame)
-ONaF 1 & 2
-Five Golden Nights at Freddy's 1
-123SMS 1 & 2
-Pokemon (eh not really anymore)
-Earthbound (still not really anymore)
-Clicker Heroes
-Neko Atsume
-The Desolate Hope
-The Desolate Room
-Bendy and the Ink Machine
-Chipper and Son's Lumber co.

-Fav color(s): Red, Green, Blue, and Black
-Fav song: Heart of an Artist
-Fav FNaF song: Open the Chest
-Fav book: The Siler Eyes
-Fav animal: Cats and bears. Mainly fuzzy sleeping animals :3
-Fav food: Pizza
-Fav candy: Twix & Snickers
-Fav drink: Chai Latte (from Starbucks)
-Fav place: home
-Fav Youtuber(s): DAGames, Dawko, HappyDays and Markiplier
-Fav song artist: DAGames

-Fav things to say:
-Exotic Butters
-BAWN BAWN (in a Funtime Freddy voice) (Funny story I did that in school today - 3/13/17)

Social Stuff (whatever the heck it is)
YouTube: Cheesepizzia
Twitter: @cheesepizzia

(Follow, subscribe, watch me, friend me, whatever lol)

Top Favorite FNaF Characters:
1. Funtime Freddy
2. Ennard
3. Springtrap
4. Nightmare Fredbear
5. The P00pet

Facts about me :V -
-I want to be a voice actor :3 I am (I don't even know) somewhat good at voice impersonations. For a girl, I have a weird voice which allows me to do lots of funny voices. If I listen to a voice for a while I can impersonate it. I also can do accents!

-I hate working i'm lazy. Only when I'm working on something cool, like art, or mindlessly yelling funny voices on skype calls with my friends ,
Blindwing (Irl friend) does a really good Bon Bon impression, or as everyone says, BAWN BAWN.

-I slept until 11am once
no wait, i did that twice

-One time I went over 24hrs without sleep! (This was recent too.)

-I don't like watching television, there's really nothing good on...

-I beat the Moon Lord (final boss in Terraria) countless times! I have 3 Meowmere's and my first time killing him in different world, I got the Celebration. Too bad I was playing melee I love class challenges!

-I was first introduced to Sketch Club by Starbucks :D There was a card with a weekly app on it and my mom got some and we downloaded it and then I used it all the time! :D I've been using it for about 2 or 3 years now. It's just been a year ago when I started posting.

-i am trash.

-I love RPGs, but I am REALLY bad at them!

-My favorite genre of movies, books, and video games is horror.

-I go crazy uploading things on weekends when I'm with my dad. Once my iPad gets fixed at my mom's house, I'll upload like crazy all weekends! x3

-If you need any fans then message me or comment on my profile and I'll fan I'd be glad too also if you do so and you're worried that it might be considered "annoying" trust me I deal with annoying every day of my life xD

-I'm probably the weirdest person you ever met.

Random Stuff I casually want to put here-
-The Desk Fan was the killer confirmed

Funny Stories:
-Once when I was really little, my family and I went to Disney World in Florida, and we went to some weird Nemo thing and there was a turtle that said "dude" a lot and so there was this thing that was a "What is this" activity, so then he pulled out a bikini top and (I was like 4 I think) I yelled "IT'S A BOOBY BRA!" Then everyone in the entire room was laughing.

-One time when I was little, when my mom wasn't looking, I dumped an entire bottle of baby powder on my little sister and she looked like a ghost and my mom was shocked. (I don't remember any of this, my mom told me this xD)

-One night I was playing on a multiplayer server on Minecraft. Then my computer overheated and crashed. Then I waited for a few minutes for it to turn back on and it didn't. So I went over to my dad's bed and went on my tablet. I saw Markiplier uploaded a new video, it was FNaF 4. It came out, when my computer crashed . Then I bought it and played it and recorded it. I still can't beat Night 2. (I'm a big mobile player btw but I played it on my PC first) I lost track of how long it was taking me :V

-I was playing FNaF 3 and I kept dying (it was Night 3) and the 44th try I almost gave up. So then I tried one more time ans I beat it. In total, it took 45 tries. (Exact. I counted)

-One day I was at the school park and I was bored. So I sat on the highest swing and my dad brought over my tablet. I wanted to test out how hard Golden Freddy mode was, so I did and then I got jumpscared and I almost fell off the swing and I threw my tablet and it did like 5, 360's in the air.
Hope those made you laugh. I am a funny child. hee hee

Somewhat Daily Update: 3/29/17
My name is Egs Benedict. I'm an Angsty Teen who plays Casual Bongos while eating Exotic Butters.

I just realized that I probably have the longest description thingo. I don't know.

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