πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ I love art πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ
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Male from Sweden born on August 15th member since Feb. 17, 2016 570 sketches uploaded 190 fans website http://nothing_nothing_at.all.  
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autocarrot πŸ₯•

i like geography
I like books
i have myopia
i like lego
i like to draw
i dont know much about undertale
im from sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Probably the best country in the world in my opinion.
im often anxious.
im really good at english trollololololololollololol i understand alot.
i like certain memes not all. i like the swedish memes more.
i like youtubers like jacksepticeye, smosh, ricegum, pewdiepie, Mrbeast, leafyishere, vsauce, loganpaul, ray willam johnson, nigahiga, davedays, jockiboi, yep thats a swedish youtuber. yes, i like swedish youtubers. la beast,
junkfoodtasterdotcom, kassemg, amazingphil, regular ordinary swedish meal time its like epic meal time sad that they made there last video, robbaz also swedish,
ijustwantobecool also swedish they are hilarious, lol
favorite actors jim carrey, adam sandler, jack black, eddie murphy, ralph machio, steve carrel, peter dante, rob schnider,

i also like
i like plants vs zombies the orignal one i used to played that in summer of 2011 good memories back then.
i like scribbleneauts or whatever you proununce that.
i like draw something.
i like subway surfers.
i like geometry dash worlds hardest game.
i like cookie clicker because you can tap how much you want on the πŸͺ.
i like pacman classic 80s arcade game.
i like kung pow enter the fist movie i think alot of you havent heard of that movie but its a funny martial art movie comedy.
i like comedy/adventure movies.
i also like to water colour its my hobby.
i took the emojis off i took me forever lol.
me when i forgot to type the right word wkwkwkakajakakamakajajakjwjwjwkwslsksjsjskkaksiksikskiskisisidjdjsjskjshajalalaoaiaioalakakajsjusisisoalkaksksllalaakkakaoqiqoqoqoqoqoqoqoqlalqoqolslosololslosolislimsmismiimmsiimsiksikiiskimskiamiaimamimiamaimaimaimaimaaaajajajakiaagshsjwkmwldpdpdoekkdkdkdkdkkdkdkso
just like that lol.
autocarrot i made that myself. i like carrots so thats good.
sweden the land of kanelbulle and kings.
norway our neigbors and denmark and finland.
iceland are not our neighbors sad but true.
I often get art block so thats why i dont post drawings so often lol.
bye everyone this is the last day on sc because I'm getting an ipad pro rip :(

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