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Love video games,vocaloid,anime,undertale and mc diaries, other stuff!

Miaou the best meme
Violetcookie makes all the best Roman pictures that I make into body pillow- I mean look at
✨Coca-cola-kun~✨ like the best artist I know in sc! (No offense to anyone else)
Steelheart my bestie PLUS amazing drawer
Cresent she gives amazing advice and stays strong
^^Vanilla_Catty^^ is fun to co op with and is a good artist!
⚡️Lizzie⚡️ ahem why wouldn't the amazing Lizzie be here?!
RCCola otaku, what else to say?!
ChocoCupcake mmmmm chocolate xD but seriously she is super nice!
💜Naoki💜 Nichi watch out for your sister Michi,she can be a reallll bi***
🍂❄️Shy Kyo❄️🍂 awesome
💎Pixel💎 Love the name thx for the fan art and keep drawing!
pearl.poison One of my BIGGEST inspirations and one of my closest friends!
🐼LilyTrash🐼 My aunt lily :0 she is very supportive and kind and she is TEH best aunt evar
Crushes at the moment:
Agent easy guess I know lol
pearl.poison was it that hard too see how close we are? xD
And some other people :/ these are just meh main, this is in no order lol

This is a WIP more friends added later

People in same meme group as me xD:
And what else do I say except memes?!

The void™

quizes on my oc's:

This crush!!: http://www.thiscrush.com/~yanderaya


"The doctor comes out....IS HE GAY?!" -Cami

Book I'm writing called "Savior": http://my.w.tt/UiNb/m3wXXL9KMz

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