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hiya I'm 席瞻伪席 沾畏未蔚删席伪蕟蔚_席删伪蟼瞻 伞委删蕟(used to be imagine art) I'm a self taught artist and I have a love for anime and art (even tho it's not that good) I love cats and unicorns (don't judge meh!) I also love to watch aphmau.
Facts about me:
-I'm not physhotic (maybe)
-I love art and other peoples art
-I love to draw fans of mine
-I have ten (possibly even more!)fans and I would love to have more if you're interested
-10 fans鉁旓笍
-20 fans鉁旓笍 Thank u guys so much!
-30 fans鉁旓笍
-40 fans鉁旓笍
-50 fans鉁旓笍
-60 fans鉁旓笍
-70 fans鉁旓笍
-90fans鉁旓笍 Iz this real? Izit cuz ima....ima..ima f-f-faint....WHOOOOOO!
100鉁旓笍 fans heh well, can some one pinch me? I think I'm dreaming or not in my right state of mild
150 fans 鉁旓笍
200 fans 鉁栵笍
250 fans 鉁栵笍
300 fans鉁栵笍

-lolliepop is a nick name of mine( my real name is Lauren)
-I LOVE undertale
-sans is awesome
-I have a funny wired sense of humor...wait,that means-I COULD BE A COMEADIAN (I also love puns)
In fact here is one right now why did the banker quit his job? Because he lost INTEREST! Hahahahah how INTERESTing! Hahah (god I'm sorry if I killed you with my terrible pun馃槀馃槀馃槀
-I'm 11 yrs old
TrashLyd She is so cute smol and sweet! She is the first person (besides irl family) to draw me fanart ever! I love her so much and her art is super cute! You should defiantly check her out!
-Physcotic-鈥-Noodle- My super special IRL sister! She is a dear to me and is super good at art! You should defiantly check her out!
-Muffin- She is so cute and smol her art is amazing and she is my twentyone pilots bud! You should check her out!
Angelic Fear My senpai and undertale buddy! Her art is aaammmaazziinngg!~ you should defiantly check her out!
馃悜FlockOfSheep馃悘 Is an awesome comedian and my 100th fan WHOO! He is really good at art especially at landscapes, you should check him out!
GlitchyDragons She is awesome and her art is amazing! You should defiantly check her out!
Brenda Tenorio She is the sweetest thing and her art is like..... WOAH! You should go check her out!

Arron burr: GlitchyDragons
Green eggs and hamILTON: TrashLyd
Jhon Laurens: T釙坚棭T馃幎釛┽棷K釛棭釚囜棯 釕幟樏樶棯釖狤
Eliza:http: T釙坚棭T馃幎釛┽棷K釛棭釚囜棯 釕幟樏樶棯釖狤

Art stealer below .~.
This is my art

(CODEXXXXhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/04/b4/24/04b42493e17eaf0dee8cca2c698ab147.gif) is life

嗉 銇 鈼昣鈼 嗉姐仱 鈻勶富谭炭鈹惶库晲鈹佷竴 釙坚棭釔疎 釚瘁憣釕 KI釛棯O釘

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