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Hi im just a awkward shy girl that draws random stuff and try's to avoid getting involved with drama in the internet.
Warning: I can be emotional and aggressive
Do to being a Scorpio. And sometimes I'll upload creepy stuff.👻👻👻👻👻

Stuff about myself:

- I like art too much
- I'm 13
- I'm scared of spiders
- I'm awkward
- I love cartoons
- I like to make people laugh
- I love rain☔️ and snow❄️
- I get scared easily
- I'm a shy sheep
- nicknames you can call me is: mystic, Luna (most likely) misty, and opal
- I have autism (also known as ASD)
- I ask too many questions
- I have a lot of inspirations
- I want to write a story and then turn it into a comic
But I'm lazy and writers block

Ocs I own:
Misty(fursona): ref coming soon
Damon: ref coming soon
Soren: ref coming soon
Vivien: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10807043

Please be nice and friendly around here 😊
Also make sure to comment cause comments
Make me feel good.
Sorry if I don't show my personality that much.
You could say that I'm just shy.

Another warning:
If your a jerk around here I'll just delete your comment and block you.

Enjoy my random art!
* jumps out the window *

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