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Hey, my name is Vanessa and I love to draw as you can see, I love all you guys I have been getting lots of feedback lately and it's amazing I love all u beans!! Lol I will try to upload often and I try not to post vents that often but sometimes I just feel like I need to so I hope ur fine with that, and if u don't like ocs fursonas FURRIES stuff like that then don't come here wrong place!!

Call me Okami!

Plz give these sketch's some love ------>

If u fan me I fan u


💯 fans: cry + face reveal ( hopefully I'm better looking by then :< ) ✅

150 fans: gift to random fan ✅✅✅✅

200: Random gift to fan

300: idk yet

400: 2 random gifts to fans

500: idk yet

My ocs! (Not in order)
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10810497 Dinece
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10810338 Senrec
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10809576 Bailey
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10806650 Tamora
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10825203 Cookie ( the right one )
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10831325 Floyd
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10854455 Fia
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10867003 Olivia

Inactive-Vibes omg I'm not sure how you do it
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Chicken Ur art style is super cute!!
ᗷᖇOKEᑎ~ᗪᖇEᗩᗰᔕ a friendship maker lol
•{Kōdisan}• man I can relate
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Meh personality
Easily angered
I'm biromantic
Out going
Extremely awkward
Can be shy

Fun facts about me!!
Fifth grade
I love doges and hate/love my cat
I was bitten by a dog and had to get stitches
I've been friends with ArtificialWombat for 6yrs
I'm Persian!!

My fav foods
Rice bowls -with the chicken rice lettuce 👌👌-
Persian food
My cat hue hue hue
Indian food
Pork buns

Fav drinks
Dr Pepper
I like:being happy, friends,all of u beans!!, nice ppl, chipotle chips,shipping ppl,shipping ppl with ArtificialWombat >:3, MoIVES,candles MMmmm

Meh dislikes: being sad, parents arguing Q^Q,ppl arguing, my cat right now,murder shows -for example Date Line-, mean ppl, ppl at school -just some-, 👹

Fav places to visit: Oregon, Sanfransisco, Wisconsin, South Dakota

Tv watching
Playing with meh doges

My pets
2 dogs (Kiki and Coco)
1 cat (Mr. Big)

Commissions -closed- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10862211
Collabs -open-
Design trades -closed-
Art trade -closed-
Request -closed-
Fan art -open-

Amazing fan art!!
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10871050 Tysm this is so cute!!
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10880172 tysm!! This is beyond amazing!!
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10888355 oMl tysmmmmmm!!!

⚠️Sorry if I'm inactive or post vents if u don't like vents don't come here⚠️

You can find me on YouTube : DaPupper

That's all for now :3

Still here?

Maybe u wanna fan me?

Nahh its all good

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