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Hello humans! I'm ¥Trees•AndWander¥ but I go by Trees, Dork and/or Purple. I am a self-taught, young emo artist who really likes cats because...Cats.

Now I would write a long, elaborate paragraph on what I like, dislike, etc. but instead I'm gonna write a boring list like most people yay

Things I like: Sweets, baking with my dad, cats, reading, animation memes, anime, horror games, movies, etc, music, math class, big sweaters...(the list goes on)

Things I dislike: Short, skimpy clothing, tights/high heels/flats, heights, very deep water, the G note (not actually just an emo reference lmao), people who pour the milk before the cereal *cough* milk fic *cough* I mean what...

Anime: Acchi Kocchi
Food: Shepherds Pie
Colour(s): Blue, purple and black
Band(s)/Artist(s): twenty øne piløts, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Caravan Palace, TheFatRat, Troye Sivan, Ed Sheeran
TV Show/Cartoon: Steven Universe (we...ARE THE CRYSTAL...gems..!)

Random facts: I have glasses, I am in a choir, I has le doggo and ze cat, I can speak French, I'm in the Integrated French Program at my school, I have had spiritual encounters, I always wear a ring with my birthstone in it and refuse to take it off, I don't ACTUALLY live in Japan, but I'd love to visit or even get married there someday when the cherry blossoms are blooming!

Fandoms: Bendy And The Ink Machine/Bendy And Boris: Quest For The Ink Machine, Steven Universe, Phandom
I can't think of any more so some of my favourite youtubers are Kubz Scouts, CrankThatFrank, MilesChronicles, Aphmau, JaidenAnimations/TheOdd1sOut/Star's Taco/Mewcrystal, Dan and Phil, Typical Gamer, GloomGames...
God the list goes on
Just go to my YouTube channel and look at my subscriptions JC.

My profile picture was drawn by the amazing Shuy!

Stalk me on these things:
YouTube: Purpleteddy 9 (debating whether or not I should change it to The Dork)
MAP Amino: TheDork
Bendy Amino: TheDork
Pixel Gun 3D (usually play it with my brother): TheDork (level 26; almost 27)

Thank you for the fanart!!!

*Soul voice*
Man that's SICK
*G note trigger warnings everywhere*
MySpace and Tumblr wowza
CrankThatFrank, our repressed emo dad

K bye my fellow awkward emo trash humans

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