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I go by Nox, Missc, Miss, Null.

I'm only a freshman in highschool. I'm a massive ally though, and fully believe in LGBTQ+ rights.

This Thing, Infinity

Thinking beyond thought, being of non-being,
Certainty without reason and vision beyond seeing.
Everything and nothing, both infinite and finite.
Where nothing escapes or travels beyond light.
A time without end, when all exists for all eternity;
Fascinating paradox, this thing called infinity.
An end without an ending,
From here to eternity, and back to the beginning;
An endless sojourn
From which there is no return.
For, there was, and yet, never is a beginning,
And there never will be an ending;
Only, an end, continually becoming.

~Gene Margolis~

My major characters:
Tovic Strange
The Seven Devils (especially Malcolm)
Misha Ausdiner
Dexter Pashkinov
Monika Calinor
Aldeiis Umbra
Seriida Umbra
Rylie (Jr.) Umbra
Fjolfrin no last name given
Aether Corona
Atlas/Aubryn/Project: Quasar
Mach and Anzthraax
The Deadly Sins
Agent XYZ

🖤 Friends and Inspirations 🖤

Gorgeous art and great person to chat with. She was also one of the first to talk to me online, (lmao Cineverse) and she’s always been very kind.
My great friend Jess. She's been with me through thick and thin, and has been my lifeline in certain situations. Her art is an inspiration to me too, and God, she's just amazing. Go give her art some love.
Sun, my very first internet friend. He's always so chill and kind, and his art is beautiful. He's listened to my rambling too.
Celery, you’ve been a wonderful friend. Your art is so much different from everyone else’s, and it’s such a nice refreshing thing to see. It’s beautiful and has wonderful anatomy.
The lost potato chip
They keep me motivated!
Bacon Boyfriend for Life
Tawnyyyy my bro— you’re a great friend too!! Just like Sun you were one of the first to talk to me, and I truly thank you for that. We need to chat more!
Irl friend! Now who will run the cat farm?
Their art style is awesome—!
Suta! You're such a joy to chat with!!
My friggin idol?? Have you seen their art??? It’s beautiful—

Fun fact: I've actually had SketchClub since release, i just never had an account.

Don't be afraid to ask me about Co-ops, requests, or art trades! I especially love design trades.

🏳️‍🌈Happy pride month y’all. You’re all valid and beautiful/handsome.🏳️‍🌈

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