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I lick:
A lot of musicals like; Cabaret, Fiddler on the Roof, West-Side Story, Singing in the Rain, The Sound of Music, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, The Music Man, Rent, Across The Universe, etc. (Screw Hamilton and Heathers)

The study of religions, what its interesting

Stuff like that

Let's get some things straight,

I love to learn about atomic stuff

I say things that I don't really think about (like calling my friends cat a dog and calling Stanley Kubrick a lemon and a fat pickle)

I have no sense of humor and make very dull, morbid, or dry puns

I love to learn about the dehumanization of man, quite strange but neat

Im very morbid and love blood and injuries

I don't like and don't have any fandoms, I don't like music, I'm a bit of a negative nancy, and hate ships

My art has gone down hill pretty fast

I obsess easily over most things (Stanley Kubrick, Germany, Israel, Hebrews, Soviet Russia, The Cold War, the atomic bomb, fiddler on the roof, etc.)

If you can stand all those things then, welcome friend

Cool cacti
StrawberryChampagne🍓 Patches Warrior cat:3

IRL friends
Lovino Vargas
Moonshine Saloon


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