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I address myself as a looser and a bully

My (third) quiz!

(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ •*Buddies*•ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
☃️❄️Hollyfreezing❄️☃ A fabulous line👌
💜Naoki💜 No life bud :’)
wanĸмawa the ṃѧɢє Noice person :3
📸•Meep•📸 Lia, a bully. (Know her irl too)
RoseGold333 Another irl friendo of mine who’s a nice person :D

~About me~
Name- Kaitlyn
Age- 13 but accused of being mentally 4
Nationality- Mexican American
Sexuality- Literally no clue but I guess Asexual
Species- Definitely a neko
Sport- ColorGuard (course the one sport I do is extremely rejected)
Pronouns- She/Her, I’m feminine as heck
-Art Info-
Art trades- Msg first
Request- See if I’m busy first
Fan art- Yes. Please. I like any fan art
Co-ops- Maybe
Anything else- Msg first
(Not counting goals I already achieved)
200 Fans- Nope ovo
250 Fans- Nope -w-
300 Fans- Nope -w-
Feature from SketchClub-✅
Feature from an individual-✅
Feature from a group-

*•~~~~NEW quote wall~~~~•*

-If you wanna see my old quote wall Here-

“If I burn a pencil it will burn”- Me (trying to say if I were to put a pencil in the fire it will burn but messed up C,:)

“Did you close the door? I got the rake”- Lia (just think about it) no she didn’t kill someone

“Kaitlyn I don’t trust you with that “knife”..”- Lia (a part of a broken spoon looked like a knife and she gave it to me... She took it away when I started stabbing stuff)

(Insert Lia being a meanie here) “That’s not very nice, you shouldn’t say that”-Me, I swear I gotta discipline her everyday at lunch

“A teacher stole my backpack”- A girl in my guard

“THIS SCHOOL IS STUPID”- My ColorGuard instructor

“Well you’re the one with friends”-me (I has almost no irl friends ;w;)

“I want it to pour rain AND EVERYONE DIES!!!”-Me

“It’s so fluffy and artificial looking”- Me

————— My original series —————
Amulets (main, working on)
College is my Death (working on,future)
Furville (working on, future)
New Student, New Horrors (unofficial title, in rough draft, future)

The only series that’s being cared for current is Amulets due to it being my main, first, and most important series but here’s mini prologues of them all;

Alexis is a princess of WaterStone but due to certain circumstances she’s kept isolated from others, on her 15th bursary she’s fed up and escapes. She meets a farmer boy who is also an Amulet welder, to later find her older sister and potential enemy, Ani and Noah. Anabel had gone on an adventure to find her runaway two sisters (what’s with the WaterStone princesses leaving their kingdom?!)she later meets the 4 and adventures with them. Alexis and the others get educated on how Amulets work and some unexpected chemistry forms between certain Amulet welders.

—College is my Death—
Please just go to this link

The other two I’m working on
Oc refs

Dats it um bye

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