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Please spam “Rawr xD” or “Rawr x🅱️“ on my profile, thanks (but one rawr xD per comment this time also chill, its starting to get out of hand again I don’t need my profile to break... again)
If you ever feel bad about yourself then remember when my profile broke because of a simple phrase “rawr xD”

You’re Not suicidal if you’re already dead inside- Random commenter

Learning Japanese (like a true weeb) and Spainish (being forced to)
Critique gives me anxiety please ask before giving it

Meet the artist
•~*Current favorite drawing*~•
To anyone who wants to see how I look

Ew, its me, your daily dose of what ever I am, call me Stuffies or Kaitlyn (preferably Stuffies if I only know you via internet), you can also call me ghost obsessed person, or circle (it’s an inside joke)
My natural habitat is a box with the sign of “pessimistic people only”

My (third) quiz!

All the answers are found in descriptions and post -w-

Pinterest- https://pin.it/m7mmq2aekteo4d
Wattpad- Stuffies the neko (probably won’t write anything for it just using it to read stuff)
Deviant art- StuffiesUwU
YouTube- Stuffies the Neko
Twitter- @Stuffies14 or Stuffies
3sd friend code- 3136-7699-2931
I address myself as a looser and a bully

- Offensive/ dark humor warning -
- Don’t involve me in drama -

If I don’t respond to your comment most likely it’s because I’m too lazy or don’t know how to respond
And I don’t really respond to comments on my profile, why? ‘Cause I’m lazy
I don’t really comment on post either so don’t expect to get comments from me

(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ •*Buddies*•ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
Don’t just ask to be my friend, actually talk to me, friendship is earned not just given, also if you think we are friends but I didn’t add you just ask to be added
🌿Hollyfrost🌿 A fabulous line👌
Mercy is my city No life bud :’)
wankqa Noice person :3
📸•Meep•📸 Lia, a bully. (Know her irl too)
RoseGold333 Another irl friendo of mine who’s a nice person :D
🧡Sav Arts🧡 Fellow person who’s favorite color is orange:D (those are rare ok)

~About me~
Name- Kaitlyn
Age- 13 but accused of being mentally 4
Nationality- Mexican American
Sexuality- Asexual/ hetroromantic I guess, I’m not the most interested in love but I’ve had crushes here and there
Species- Definitely a neko
Sport- ColorGuard (course the one sport I do is extremely rejected) here’s memes of it http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10999124
Pronouns- She/Her, I’m feminine as heck
♒️ Aquarius ♒️

UwU Likes UwU
-Brutal stuff-
-Scaring people-
-getting Love-
-Getting stuff in general-
-Crack shipping (To an EXTENT)-
-(Kinda) comic making-
-drawing, I wouldn’t have this acc. If I didn’t-
-Ice Packs-
-seeing people I hate getting in trouble-
-watching people struggle-
- Intense thunder-
- Orange and pink aesthetic -

ÙmÚ Dislike ÙmÚ
-Being critiqued by people-
-being scared-
-too much affection-
-Artificial stuff >:00-
-being called a Tsundere-
-What everyone expects from me-
-brats (even tho I am one)-
-Annoying people (even though I also am one)-
- Crushing hopes or dreams of anyone-
-Disappointing people-
-My mind set (I always think of horrible stuff)-

-Art Info-
Art trades- Sure! :D
Request- Probably no
Fan art- Yes. Please. I like any fan art OvO
Co-ops- Maybe
Anything else- Msg first

(Not counting goals I already achieved)
200 Fans group thing- ✅ ovo
250 Fans contest- ✅ ovo
300 Fans i guess request- Nope -w-
350 fans- Nope -w-

Feature from SketchClub-✅
Feature from an individual-✅
Feature from a group- ✅

I got One of each ;0

Be a senpai/ insp- Nope :(;゙゚'ω゚'):
2 years here- Close!

*•~~~~ quote wall~~~~•*

-Moved my whole quote wall here-

Amulets (main, fully throughout, needs tweaking/polishing, making comic pages)
College is my Death (working on,future)
Furville (working on, future)
New Student, New Horrors (in rough draft, future)
Twisted (unofficial title, brand new, deep in rough draft, future)
Unnamed but had Kae and Kae (Almost out of rough draft, needs title, developing side characters, coming soon)
I’m only working on Amulets currently however since it’s my main

Read here for information
Read here for the comic
—College is my Death—
Prologue/ info
Oc refs

I can deal with joking about sensitive topics but see if I’m comfortable with it before bringing up a topic and don’t vent on me if we aren’t friends.
I have my reasons for not liking or wanting to talk about certain things. I don’t need to tell you why so don’t force it out of me. I’m fairly laid back and take lots of jokes well, it’s just certain things will tick me off or make me super emotional, just like with any other person

I get angry, jealous, or salty easily so beware

Dats it um bye

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