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ducks and cats will rule Earth cuz I luv them •<•
YO WAT UP PARSONS(quality introduction)
I'm that one introverted person that no one listens to
I'm 12 and a half so close to dem teen years(o god)
Brunette, brown eyes, Mexican American, 5'1''(y did I put dat ._.)
I'm very active on sketch club unless it's night in central time zone then I'm sleeping. I also upload A TON sometimes
Ask or Dare OPEN Ask or dare OPEN

I like this stuff
Pokémon both the games and the anime
Eevee and espurr
Art if you can't tell ;p
Food I mean I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for it
Both of my original series (Amulets and furnville)
Oh and thunder storms :>

I don't really like this stuff
That one really annoying girl I had in 4 of my classes and sat next to me in all of them
Art thieves D; y steel m8
Ghost yes I believe in them but it's a love hate thing
Tha dark.... spoopy

BUDS I HAVE HERE(hope they think I'm their buddy too)

°<>°Wankanawa°<>° They are super cool and noice
💜Naoki💜 Short OC friend :3 and fabulous

Gud quotes ;3
SEE YOU TO MUCH!- my friends little sister said see you tomarrow but it sounded like see u to much so now we always say it
Bye my duck raicist friend- me making fun of my friends duck racism don't ask
Va-tfcufcfxu- I tried to say vapreon but failed miserably
LOOK AT THOSE PARSONS!- my friend said parsons and it just stuck
OH NO THE 7 SIDED MONSTER!!!- a kid in my math class yelled this when my teacher said we're learning about trapezoids :,D
LETS MAKE QUALITY ART WITH DOTTED EYES-me drawing with my brother
Saif your name should be hazardous- my math teacher throwing shade at the 7 sided monster kid in my math class
THATS IT I'm banning caillou-my art teacher after a kid in my class kept singing the theme song xD
Why is your story blank?- Me when my brother was supposed to be writing but wasn't
OUR MOVIE IS ON SUCH HIGH DEMAND INTERNET CANT KEEP UP-Hollyfrost for some reason both of our internetz were slow
Hmu for that Dank- my older brother texted me this...I I don't know anymore o.o"


Here's knowledge about amulets

Here is the comic series of amulets

And finally the names of ALL of my OCs in a original series
A,S1= Amulets season 1
A,S2= Amulets season 2
F= Furnville
Alexis(A,S1) Jak(A,S1) Ani(A,S1)Noah(A,S1) Anabel(A,S1)
Kat(A,S2) Lia(A,S2) Alex(A,S2) Gem/Gemi(A,S2) Milly(A,S2) Max(A,S2)
Lizzy(F) Oliver(F) Felix(F) Goldie(F) Sue(F) Bella(F)
Haven't made refs for all of them. ALSO THOSE ARE JUST THE ONES IN A ORIGINAL SERIES
Things to know
Co ops art trades and request are temp closed cause I'm working on amulets and some other things

Fan art (of course) is always accepted

though I'd like if you put that it is fanart for me like link the sketch to my account

If my art is traced stollen ect. PLEASE tell me so I can work it out

If my art insults/angers ect. Please message me
10-celebration doodle 030✅YAY ^w^
20-picture with some fans(like 5 or 6) ✅OMG WAT
30- request ✅ WAIT WAT
40-Amulets role play for amulet OCs group if it's voted up✅ YUS THATS 40 PEOPLE
50-open co ops
60-group pic again
70-three gifts to random fans
80- DTAS
90-Chibi bunch+ Name reveal
100-Face reveal I guess
Fan art-✅ :'0
Here's the album for it http://app.sketchclub.com/e/user/10166969/album/5640686850277376
Heart on a sketch-✅
3 hearts on one sketch-✅ YOOO WAT
Feature- doubt it
Oc refs http://app.sketchclub.com/e/user/10166969/album/5713735654047744
That's it umm bye -w- ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ There's a lovely person that works out

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