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Here's a quiz if you wanna take it http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1709101229287698&lnk& *note question 3 IS a trick question the one that says above means both of the answer choices above*
please call me, Stuffies or the duck lord or EDGY TRIGGERED SMART FAST BUSY ANGRY FEISTY CIRCLE unless I say you can call me by my irl name
Ducks and cats will rule Earth cuz I luv them •<•:3
I put the most effort in this sketch

Ok ok here’s the more legit quiz the other was a joke http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1710052054382218&lnk&

Name~ Kaitlyn
Age~12 but mentally 5
Height~5’1”? I think
Current sport~ ColorGaurd
Hobby~ art
Gender~ female
Sex~ female
Pronouns~ idc ima girl just her, she ect (they them ect. If you wanna) but preferably thing cause that’s what I’m called sometimes irl ;3
Species~ I think I’m a neko
Single and happy about it ;>>>

I'm always updating my quote wall check for new ones since everyone I know says weird stuff

YO WAT UP PARSONS(quality introduction)
I'm that one introverted person that no one listens to
I'm physically 12 but mentally 5 cause reasons
My activity here is lowered cause I has school
My uploads consist of effort and effortless art with like two vents somewhere in there
(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ strong dood

Some things to do while in the world of Stuffies

Please refrain from using swear words here, wont say it to your Grandma don’t say it at all is what my teachers say
Please make polite constructive criticism when asked and don’t give any with out asking I go in mood swings as in some days I actually improve with critique while others I am overly sensitive about it and get upset though it’s over nothing

Some tutorials :3
To answer some questions LAST UPDATED 9/4/17
This how you can know MORE about me(creep)
I like this stuff

Pokémon both the games and the anime
Eevee and espurr
Art if you can't tell ;p
Food I mean I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for it
Oh and thunder storms :>
I don't really like this stuff

That one really annoying girl I had in 4 of my classes and sat next to me in all of them
Art thieves D; y steel m8
Ghost yes I believe in them but it's a love hate thing
Tha dark.... spoopy
Face to face social interaction
Group/ partner work

ImaFrickinWeeb this dude is scary but amusing to talk to
BUDS I HAVE HERE(hope they think I'm their buddy too)

♡ wanĸмawa тнe ѕpooĸ They are super cool and noice
☃️❄️Hollyfreezing❄️☃ She's a fabulous line BOW DOWN IN HER PRESENTS
💜Naoki💜 No life buddy :”3 and fabulous
❄️•Meep•❄️ That irl friend I have and draw(she is Lia)
IDEK . She has Gud art :>
Werewolf gamer 333 Another IRL friendo, fun fact she got SketchClub cause I mentioned it at Lia's house

Gud quotes ;3
SEE YOU TO MUCH!- my friends little sister said see you tomarrow but it sounded like see u to much so now we always say it

Bye my duck raicist friend- me making fun of my friends duck racism, don't ask

Va-tfcufcfxu- I tried to say vapreon but failed miserably

LOOK AT THOSE PARSONS!- my friend said parsons and it just stuck

OH NO THE 7 SIDED MONSTER!!!- a kid in my math class yelled this when my teacher said we're learning about trapezoids :,D

LETS MAKE QUALITY ART WITH DOTTED EYES-me drawing with my brother

Saif your name should be hazardous- my math teacher throwing shade at the 7 sided monster kid in my math class

THATS IT I'm banning caillou-my art teacher after a kid in my class kept singing the theme song xD

Why is your story blank?- Me when my brother was supposed to be writing but wasn't

OUR MOVIE IS ON SUCH HIGH DEMAND INTERNET CANT KEEP UP-☃️❄️Hollyfreezing❄️☃ for some reason both of our internetz were slow

Hmu for that Dank- my older brother texted me this...I I don't know anymore o.o"

The fact that your waiting for a fan to stop just to see it's color is proof you have no life.- me when I went savage

of course he's dating a furry- ☃️❄️Hollyfreezing❄️☃ just to good


I have nice legs~- me don't judge

They had a taco truck in the front, so God knows How they cook- my dad, there was a unreliable Mexican restaurant.

IT TALKS?!- ☃️❄️Hollyfreezing❄️☃, during a stream my water bottle stared squeaking

I NEED A EDGY SHOVEL, ALL I HAVE IS SAND ONES- me again during a stream we had to bury my water bottle

IM KILLING MY WATER BOTTLE- me again stream jokes

HIS NAME SHOULD BE SOMETHING EDGY LIKE VICTORIA- me, me and ☃️❄️Hollyfreezing❄️☃ had to name her DTA during a stream. He's actually called Victoria go to her account

KILL IT WITH FIRE- ☃️❄️Hollyfreezing❄️☃ a beiber song came on. ok? You'd do the same thing

I just ran into my house in my pajamas- me I told ☃️❄️Hollyfreezing❄️☃ this during the stream... lots of stuff happend in the stream

YAS Harvey slay gurl- a kid in my 7th grade math class, he said he saw Harvey(the hurricane) knock down a tree

SHES SCARED OF ME CAUSE IM BLACK YALL WHITE PEOPLE- one of Lia's friends he was scary... I'm not even white I'm Mexican..

Give me food and she isn't touched*hand above my head*- Lia's friend again... he poked my shoulder even after she gave him Swedish fish

IF YOU LAY YOUR DIRTY HANDS ON HER I SWEAR- Lia she said that to her friend when he threatened to touch meh

GOODBYEEE *silence* LOVE YOU TOO MOM- Lia, I was about to walk her home and when she said bye no one said anything. Also she calls my family her family since we're so close >w< hence y she said mom.

Are you shookith to the core?- kid in my science class. Mkay this is what happened *playing on my phone* kid grabs the back of my chair and leans in and... says, are you shookith to the core? My school is weird


*sassy voice* Ima drink my basic white girl drink- Lia she has this drink which is her "basic white girl drink" :')

I dont own dis dood but Hollyfrost dies so she can only ask for da downloadable- Me :”) it was autocorrects fault

apparently there’s lots of technical things tennis

CAN SPEECH ENGISH- 💜Naoki💜 tu no
Hablas espanol asi que hablas ingels Gusta. God that put my spainish knowledge to the test

Teacher I’m dumb- *teacher interrupted* I was about to say yes- student and teacher talking when he said he was dumb she was about to say he actually was X3

I laugh inside, but I also cry alittle inside cause it looks horrible- ColorGaurd instructor, he was telling us something we were doing wrong in our routine that looked funny but horrible

Everyone in football has a nickname, mines failure... cause they say I’m a failure- kid in my science class, I agree with his teammates he is

He will haunt you because of all this you made him go through- math teacher she is pregnant and our class is so dope that her baby gets upset

Michael you’ll never get a girls number like that- Math teacher, a dude in my math class is trying get a girls number. Knowing him he’ll never be able to

What are you talking about? There are plenty of gamer girls on ROBLOX- kid in my math class, he was replying to my math teacher... he said that as he was playing on his phone... on ROBLOX there was lots of oofs

Why are you touching his butt?! *few minutes after discussing* can you imagine that phone call?! ( fake phone call example thing) Hello, yea your son was “shanking” someone’s butt- math teacher, someone well you see the quote

It’s going to be your fault if I go in early labor and my baby dies, he will haunt you all your life if you do- math teacher again talking to the same dude as in the above quote

Here’s extra gum (gum brand) for extra people!!!- Girl in my ColorGuard class, she had gum

*name* IS CHEATING ON HER AMERICA BOY FRIEND WITH THE POLE!!!- girl in my ColorGuard you have to be there to understand

Sweet and salty, that represents me!- me reading some snack thing Lia had (its Tru i am like that -w-)

THATS A “z” TO THOSS WHO CANT READ MY WONDERFUL HANDWRITING *insert kindergarten scribbles here*- My science teacher, he has awful handwriting c’:

Calvin, you can sleep in my class and I won’t fail you (ples sleep I’m begging you)- Science teacher, the student is really annoying and we a rather he slept than he was awake

Calvin’s laugh gives my life -v- *calvin laughs* and sometimes death- kid in my science class, the dude has a odd laugh

I NEED OREOS TO STAY BLACK!!!- kid during lunch, he is unique...

*name* Get over here I need to reproduce- kid in my science class, (the teacher was like well that’s alittle foward...) we were playing a game you’d understand if you were there

SIT OUTSIDE WITH CALVIN *class goes dead silent* Ima use that from now on- science teacher, you’re blessed not to know Calvin

You stopped me from singing my inspirational songgg >.<- ColorGuard teacher, she was “singing” while we had to do 9 laps around our gym

I have lost respect for your generation since I've been asked 'DO MOOSE FLY?'- science teacher, if you were there you'd understand

Is there a body here?- Kid

Sorry, I just shouldered you with my elbow but it's all good now- kid, yes just yes

WHAT THE HECK YOU PSYCHOPATHIC FREAK?!?!- Girl in my ColorGuard, a friend of hers grabbed her flag almost making her fall over :”)

We’re ColorGaurd-iens NOT LazyGaurd-iens- Girl in my Guard, i thought we were a bunch of girls that wanted to throw flags, rifles, and sabers around


Here's knowledge about amulets

for http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10875334

Here is the Amulets my original series


Things to know
Co ops- sure

Art trades- why not

Request- see if I'm busy first then ask

Fan art (of course) is always accepted

If my art is traced stollen ect. PLEASE tell me so I can work it out

If my art insults, angers ect. Please message me

Fan goals
10-celebration doodle 030✅YAY ^w^
20-picture with some fans(like 5 or 6) ✅OMG WAT
30- request ✅ WAIT WAT
40-Amulets role play for amulet OCs group if it's voted up✅ YUS THATS 40 PEOPLE
50-Contest! &gift to a random fan✅ THANKS FO FANNING!!
60-group pic again ✅ AHHHHH ME POPULAR
70-three gifts to random fans✅HHHHHH--
80- I redid my meet the artist ✅ O MI MI MI
90-Chibi bunch✅ HXWUBZYZ 10 FROM 100
💯-Yet another group pic ✅>:0000 (100th fan- The gub was here)
150- raffle
200- undecided
250- undecided
300- undecided
Other goals

Fan art-✅ :'0
Here's the album for it http://app.sketchclub.com/e/user/10166969/album/5640686850277376

Heart on a sketch-✅

3 hearts on one sketch-✅ YOOO WAT

Feature-✅ SCREEEE http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10935716

5 hearts on one sketch- ✅ 0.0 me has Gud art?!

10 hearts on one sketch- pretty darn close ;0;
A sketch to have 30+ likes on it- ✅

A sketch to have 50+ likes on it-✅ :”)

A sketch to have 100+ likes on it- I’m not a master, no way
Be someone's senpai/ crush- y would someone even remotely like me... I’m evil.

ANY given user to get 5,000 fans- sadly not yet

Have a EXTRA long bio-✅ course I do I’m extra

Oc refs http://app.sketchclub.com/e/user/10166969/album/571373565404774 so far
I saw others do this and I’m a band wagoner sooooo
Kae, Kai, Flour, Mr. Batsy, Tia, Alexis, Jak, Noah, Anabel, Ani, Gem, Alex, Katherine/ Kat, Lia, Max, Milly, Erin, Christy, Lisa, Lilli, Lizzy, Oliver, Bella, Felix, Goldie AND TONS MORE

It IS a phase mom >:(((

(Still working on (yn))
That's it umm bye -w-

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