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Female from United States born on June 22nd member since July 29, 2016 173 sketches uploaded 133 fans  
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Hello my nAme Is PurPLe ShEP. Jk.

Favorite movie: Mad Max Fury Road
Favorite game: Fallout 4, Minecraft, Resident Evil 7,Skyrim, the fnaf series,and little nightmares
Favorite show: Spongebob, Gotham, And the walking dead
Favorite food: Pizza, tacos, Popcorn, and chicken
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite youtuber:Pink Sheep,Stampylongnose,Amosdoll,and Purple shep
Favorite drink: Tea
Favorite movie actor: Will Smith
Best quotes:
(Some random lady) This is a fire hazard(Ivor looks down at the lave he put down) Your face is an ugly hazard~ Ivor 2016

You killed the phone Diamond ~ my grandpa 2016

The wise old turtle once told me if I ever get stuck when doing a trick shot. Reverse the trick shot~Pink Sheep 2017

(Immortan joe) Son what's your name (Nux face palming πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ) my name is Nux.~Immortan joe and Nux 2015

(My diabetes doctor) who do you have here. (Me) my phone~ me 2017

*takes a sip of milk* moo~ Rictus from Mad Max Fury Road 2015

Even if you're never going home you're not alone~tryhardninja fnaf song 2015

*playing with her doll* Why are you crying... oh that's right I stepped on your face that's why~ my 3 year old niece 2017

When my diabetes doctor said that she meant my aunt.

Real life facts about me:
I'm type 1 diabetic
I have scoliosis
And I play a ton of video games
I'm 14

Try the chipizza today the creator is πŸŽƒS p o o k y StarπŸŽƒ

And I take requests.

A shout out to Snow miner

YouTube: Keeli the mighty gecko

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Bork I'm doggo

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