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I'm just a regular human who is having a go at digital art and sharing my creations with the select people here on sketch club.
I am a female, I am under 400 hundred years old, I'm Christian and I like turtles.
Interests include- Dear Evan Hansen, RWBY, Eddsworld, Steven Universe, Pokemon, Gloomverse, Hamilton, 21 Chump street and Aphmau.
I am a very irregular uploader, since I don't have much time to art -.-'
Awesome people-
🐾Kiwi clover🐾 She has made some absolutely incredible fanart for me, is so kind to me and is an overall wonderful artist!
TᕼᗩT🎶ᗩᗯKᗯᗩᖇᗪ ᑎØØᗪᒪE She is a very lovely artist and was the first person to draw fanart for me! She is a huge sweetheart!
GamerGirlDrawz She has been very supportive of my art and has left some lovely comments! She makes some absolutely beautiful art!
PastelSeaSalt Along with Drawing Shell gave me the nickname "CoolLyd" makes amazingly beautiful art and is such a lovely and kind person
Shellrito Has been unbelievably nice to me, calls me "CoolLyd", is my derp buddy, and makes wonderful art
_~That-Inksomiac~_ Was the first person to welcome me to Sketch Club and makes really amazing art!
ChocoCupcake Made me feel very welcome to sketch club, included me in her "Sketch club universe" roleplay and makes adorable art
DragonOfDrawing Is an amazing, wonderful IRL friend and introduced me to Sketch club!
♢Sage♢ Makes fantastic, beautiful art and has been wonderfully nice to me! She designed my OC Casey!
Anxious~Collie Makes adorable art, has put up with my antics and has been so very kind to me
MusicalTrashiooo Has been a very lovely, supportive friend who has some beautiful art!
-Physcotic-•-Noodle- Has made some lovely fanart for me and has really cute art!
Yumjum This person's art is so amazing oh my goodness- You should definitely fan them if you haven't already!
Laviluka QwQ I can't even describe how awesome this person is, just go look at their art.
❤AlexisDrawsArt🖌 Is just amazing. She is my wonderful roleplay buddy and one of my best friends on sketch club :3! She's mah SC sis~
CaptainBlook⚓️ Her art is absolutely extraordinarily amazing! She is an incredible role player and regularly roleplays with me! She introduced me to the beauty which is Hamilton! She's my closest friend on SC!
☆¤ デッドキング ¤☆ Really cool person with really cool art and really cool characters :3
Toxic Star An absolutely incredible artist with amazing characters who is also super sweet ;w; They drew my profile picture!
Persona ref- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10808777
Sketches I'm most proud of- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10821928
Cute SC bunny platformer game- http://www.sketchclub.com/bunbun/7/
I'm open to requests and art trades, as long they're not inappropriate or impossible to draw. Please be patient with me, I'm a slow drawer.
Feel free to message me or talk to meh, I don't bite!
TrashLyd out!
(Dives back into trash can)

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Co-op with Scrubish by TrashLyd 27   16 April 26, 2017
Lumsee DTA tryout by TrashLyd 23   7 April 19, 2017
Casey by TrashLyd 18   8 April 16, 2017
My sons~ by TrashLyd 1   15   11 April 4, 2017
Persona ref by TrashLyd 24   11 March 22, 2017
Dta for blooky by TrashLyd 24   10 March 12, 2017

Merry Christmas! by TrashLyd 3   45   34 Dec. 23, 2016
Kitty in the Trash by TrashLyd 1   34   7 Aug. 28, 2016
Awesome people by TrashLyd 3   29   14 Jan. 22, 2017
Co-op with Scrub by TrashLyd 1   31   10 Feb. 17, 2017
Fanart for Purple Ravage by TrashLyd 2   26   18 May 18, 2017
Co-op with Scrubish by TrashLyd 27   16 April 26, 2017
Dta for Ryann by TrashLyd 27   11 Jan. 29, 2017
That Awkward Noodle fanart by TrashLyd 2   22   13 Jan. 15, 2017
Hamilton meme by TrashLyd 25   17 Feb. 6, 2017
Yumi by TrashLyd 1   23   4 Feb. 28, 2017

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