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HOI! I'm raspberry! Welcome to my profile!

I'm a 13 year old derp who likes to draw and stuff

Call me razz or raspberry ;D..or purple xD

Check out meh smol sister ;3; ♡Jenni♡

These are my characters c:
-Raspberry http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10740267
-Ginger Hatter http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10787171
-Judy http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10777667
-Chris http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10747023

(I took down most of my characters because I couldn't juggle with them all ;w; sorry -2/11/17)

♡My special berries♡
ahh she's one of my best online friend and shes amazing ♡ ;; ahh and I can't describe how much of a good friend she is like Oml, and she's new sc! Go check her out! ;u;

These are my berries :3
Cresent dude ty for being my first friend and dealt with all of my immaturity back then xD I appreciate it m8 ;w;
chalcedou we haven't even talked once yet but I'm sure your a cool person to hang out with, hope we talk soon ;w;
Mr.Genji ahh thank you for being my best friend! C: without you I wouldn't know where I end up xD
★Mr.Sleepyass_bear★ the one and only sass! Who owns the lovely sin closet and who is good at animals. c:
aesthmn she's a smol coolio pal to hang out with. Always keep your head high cause I always care for others like you!
KITZO ahhh I never think I ever get fanned by her ;w; but I did! Yay c: she has great art go check her out~
MadsTheNerd ayyy look who it is, a super cool person who is in the same fandom as me! You are a great friend to me dude. Ty ;A;
[MA] Mystical Artist ahhh she's super cool and always in competition to get to to a stream first >:3 I'm always first tho c:<
aKi Ayyy it's the Aussie! She's so fabulous for this world, and has a amazing style better then me. she's just a one of a kind
Laviluka dear lavi, our dear sweet lavi. She's definitely one of a kind. I'm glad I'm friends with you. And always keep your head high!
Shuy it's my Canadian buddy! She's such a cool person she's definitely great at characters and always kind to others
Toxic Punk Ayyy they are my friend now ;0; they are really good at art and they are super sweet, go fan them!
beany ♕ Ahhh lookie it's my friendo uwu they are super kind and has cute art! Check them out now!
🎀JámiePØP🎀 Ayy she's pretty cool you should definitely check her out, she's sweet and has a sense of humour! c:
8-Bit Hero He's a pretty cool dude and visits my friend's streams :00 and he's super talented! (And we are both short xD)

Some awesome peeps c:
plumioh 🐝 Ahh she's pretty amazing at animals and always a sweet child uwu worth checking out!
Chamoni!letea Ahh this person is really good at art and they are new to SC so give them a warm welcome and they're music taste is
eggmayo Ahh they just started posting here and I already like their art ;w; don't be afraid to say hi to them!
Ambers WhEEZE this child is amazing and has cool art and has beEN DEAD FOR SO LONG WHERE ARE YOU AMBER
Chung Ahh they have such great art you should check them out! ,o, and they seem pretty cool to hang out with

~More amazing and wonderful people are coming soon~

Fan art! :D http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10716666
http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10772823 http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10836070

My quiz! http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1612021837497938&lnk&

Features (thank you to all the people who feature my drawings! ;w;.)


~Quotes of the things people said~

"Can I pet your bagel?" -Razz
"Welcome to DPSC!" -Razz
"I can't handle adult words! :D" -Razz
"Must be food" -Moon
"//inHAKES" -Sass
"I have such good ehes" -Razz
"R a z z T h e D e f e n d e r O f J u s t i c e" -MC
"Song" -Sass
"Raisin" -Sass
"Jasmine and Razz eats your oc's shoes" -Genji's stream topic
"Dingleberry" -sass
"I HAVE 2 FANS UNTIL 20" -8 bit
"Good lick" -Razz

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