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((I used to be Icey_Ice_Prince but now I finally got around to changing it))

Hey you people's who have wandered to my account, I welcome you! Call me Ethan!

Thanks and credit to 🌹SilverGarnet🌹 for my profile picture. :D

Name: (it's up there)
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Gender: Genderfluid
Height: I think I'm leik 5' 3"....ish? (Ya, I'm hella short :/)
Grade: (idk anymore) I'm in 8th

-i aM a pRoUd hEtALiAn!
-I'm currently reading 07-Ghost
-I kno quite a few anime out there, just ask if you wanna kno some
-I'm Nicaraguan, Costa Rican, a lil Italian, and a lil German
-I say "Lol" way too much :/
-I say "mah dood" way too much
-I'm a proud PAnSeXuAl O w o
-I may be pan, but i feel HELLA GAY
-I can somewhat speak Spanish (Soy Latina bby *cringy dab*)
-I'm learning Italian
-I am fire emblem trash
-I'm hella awkward :/

I am a very nice person, please don't be scared to ask me any questions. I am trust worthy, loyal, and over-all a decent person. I think I have crap drawing skills and I'm trying to develop my own style. Even though I've had SC for almost a year, I'm still rly new to it and I need help navigating sometimes.

Ethan in a nutshell (according to my friend)
50% Fire Emblem
20% Hetalia
15% Yaoi stuff
5% Actual stuff that's important
10% Random Bull shite
(Me: Are u a mind reader?)

Some quotes:
"I swear to fuc, Zola's laugh is gonna give me nightmares. Just leik in the middle of the night.
*Zola's laugh*


"OML HIS LEEEGGGGGGSSSS!!!" -Daniel L. (My gay friendo)

"Can you like...not act gay I front of my parents?" -Josh (My straight friendo)

Cureently playing Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and replaying Birthright. I've got tumblr so go check me out, if you like Fire Emblem, at nohrianmadeinhoshido

I deleted my Fire Emblem Birthright file that was completed. It had my best units and was pretty fun.
R.i.p. Tetsuo, Sakura, and their loving daughter, Kana. I'll always remember you guys!!! ;0;

I've been on a hiatus and idk if I'm coming back :/

I'm so lonely.....

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