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Hi, I am a girl who has a dream of being an actress or photographer
Here's stuff about me:
Name: Kelly
Nick Names: Kell/Kell-Bell/Kellyz
Birthday: 9-18-2008, the month of the Sapphire
Fav colors: Blue, purple, silver and black ( Like my soul )
Fav Things: Drawing, music stuff and role playing ( acting )
Fandoms: Mlp, Life is Strange ( is there a fandom for that? ) and Eddsworld ( My fav fandom )
Music: Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Get Scared, AJR, Joywave Marina and the Diamonds and Daughter
Peoples to check out: Ella Grace™, HeadShot_draws👍, strangeness101™, xXMLGTurtleXx, Unusual_Ava, HixItsxMelanie, Mariposa Soda, horsefriends03, Galaxygirl and The lost potato chip

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