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Hi! I'm called something new for a reason....I want to start something new. I used to have an account called Zulim sketches and that account wasn't working out with me so I decided to switch accounts.
Anyways I'm a new person and ready to start a new productive me!
Unfortunately I might not be uploading because of school crap😒

Yt: 2D sketches
Real name:?????
Pets: yes a shithzu named Miranda!

5 fans- ✅
10 fans-✅
20 fans-✅
30 fans-✅
40 fans-✅
50 fans-✅
80 fans-❌
110 fans-❌
140 fans-❌
170 fans-❌
200 fans-❌ (never gonna happen)

Friends:(still working on it)


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