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안녕하세요!! Hi!
Note: before I start if you want you can go check out the Instagram me and my friends made for a cat! It's @officalkitty_friends . We post pictures of plushies and stuff! If you like that you can go see check it out! Thnx!

Shameless self promo aside.....

What I like:

•Watching YouTube
•K-Pop-BTS, Red Velvet, Wanna one, Holland, Bolbbalgan4, Momoland, AKMU , Twice, Stray Kids, The Boyz, Seventeen, (G)-ILDE um that's it for now
•Anime-Attack on Titan(yes season 3 is coming soon!), Koe no Katachi(A silent voice), Your lie in April, and more
•Food, more specifically ramen
•Fav color- Purple, Black.

What I dislike:

•BTS crying(it hurts meeee)
•The kids in my school
•People who say they like a Kpop group(or someone in general) just because of their looks
•Annoying people
•People who don't use evidence to back up their belief and say something is true when they have no proof of it(it's like an essay but irl)
•People who use gay as an insult and think of it as a bad thing to make fun of people
•My old teacher.....for reasons
And that's pretty much it....
More about me:

I live in the south of the U.S and am Hispanic meaning I am bilingual. I have an older sister. My bias in BTS is Jin. I got into K-pop through my sister. I had first listened to "Blood, sweat and tears" (핃땀눈물)by BTS, and then listened to DNA and finally Gogo(고민보다 Go) and then I became an Army! I go to a trashy school -->that's my school🗑. I really like Coca Cola. I like Agust-D and Cypher because I love the rap line in bts. Also I'm a big army, I am the ipitamy(is that how u spell it idk) of BTS trash..One thing that I share in common with a BTS member is I laugh like Jin but who cares he's my bias and I could go on all day about BTS so imma just stop right there yeah. I am very paranoid. I'm afraid of the muppets, chickens, Seasame street, vintrilaqest dummies, and clowns. I normally spend my weekend watching YouTube like BTS and Red Velvet. DHMIS(don't hug me I'm scared) doesn't really help with my fear of puppets. Let me tell you this but, Anpanman is the real mvp and he is like the best and cutest super hero ever. Also jungkook needs Anpanman.
Also here are some of my fav songs!:
•Agust D(슈가)
•Give it to me(Agust D)
•All Cypher songs(BTS)
•Hope World(Entire album, J-hope)
•러시안룰렛(Russian Roulette, Red velvet-레드벨벳-)
•Energetic-에네제틱-(워나원-Wanna one)
•Heart Shaker(트와이스-TWICE)
•Giddy Up-(더보이즈-The Boyz)
•Hellevator-(Stray Kids)
And more....

I hope you find me interesting enough to become my friend or at least a fan of my drawings.

Also here's a quiz about me that's so stupid:

Either way I hope you enjoyed reading my profile and it didn't bore you out. Bye! 안녕! Have a lovely evening, day or night! Last edited:2018.06.08

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