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Some drawings are mine others are my sisters. Not really my sister put that. But anyway I still love drawing Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin as you can see and some other fanart like Aphmau or some other anime series and games like FNaF probably well I hope you end up liking me and like my stuff.

About me:
Favorite food:Pasta(I'm a simple person)
Favorite color:Black(I'm not emo don't worry sorry if your emo)
I go to middle school. I don't have many friends. I live in F/0£;€@....try and figure out where in the U.S that is.Not that you would care. I LOVE ANIME!!!!!!!!
So favorite anime Your lie in April(I own a couple of the mangas)Attack on Titan(really like it ask me any question even give me a quiz and boom I'll finish with an A)Tokyo Ghoul(I've read up to the fifth manga so yeah but haven't seen the anime but I look forward to it, also I hate white haired Kaneki, black haired Kaneki is my baby)
Manga I own:Alice in the Country or Hearts(that died quickly no longer again my friends),Attack on Titan:Junior High(omg I love AOT and I have up to the fourth manga fifths coming out in December so),Your Lie in April(so sad me cry),(this is a novel but)Sword Art Online (I don't really like it anymore but I still have the first and second novel)
Also you can call me: Phoenix why"Phoenix" you may ask yourself idk I just like phoenix's and ya!
Ima add things. So hmm my life is boring. Oh oh I know.

Fav Youtubers:
(1)Aphmau(the new Ultra Nova is eh but I'll get used to it)
(2)Safia Nygaard(is that hat how you spell it IDK)
(3)Film Theory/Game Theory(nothing to elaborate)
(4)Matthias(and all I he other channels)
(5)Simply Nailogical(holo💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿)
(6) I'll finish later(that's not a Youtuber bye)

I love K Pop. Well more specifically BTS! Omg I love them so much they are adorable and I love them Salanghae Bts! Which means I Love You BTS because you are the reason why I have a friend I can finally relate to and you BTS make me so happy!
I also like K Dramas even though I've only watched one. The one I watched is Strong girl bong soon and I watched it on Netflix and I loved it so if you like that stuff you should watch it I really recommend it.

Also im learning Korean because I would like to move to South Korea or Japan when I'm older. The only thing I know how to type so far is 사란해 It means "I love you" and I don't know why I chose this as something to learn but I did.

I'm done know bye!!!!!!!

Also if you have any questions message me on that to just be aware I might not message you back immediately because I have school.

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