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Hello there I see you have come across my page. Well I would like to thank you for stopping by and in the mean time I'll tell you a little bit about myself.
P.S I'm really boring.

What I like:
•Watching YouTube
•K-Pop-BTS, Red Velvet, Wanna one, Holland
•Anime-Attack on Titan, Koe no Katachi(A silent voice), Your lie in April, and more
•Food, more specifically ramen
•Fav color- Purple, Coral Pink
•Some of my friends

What I dislike:
•BTS crying
•The kids in my school
•People who say they like a Kpop group(or someone in general) just because of their looks
•Mean people
•People who don't use evidence to back up their belief and say something is true when they have no proof of it
•People who use gay as an insult and think of it as a bad thing to make fun of people

And that's pretty much it....
More about me:

I'm a lonely little bean who doesn't have allot of friends and has a "Talking buddy"(not really anymore). Having a "Talking buddy" isn't a good thing btw. None of my friends and I like the same thing. I have an older sister. My bias in BTS is Jin(진) and my bias wrecker is Jungkook(정국). I got into K-pop through my sister. I had first listened to "Blood, sweat and tears" (핃땀눈물)by BTS, and then listened to DNA and finally Gogo(고민보다 Go) and then I became an Army! Hm what else, I go to a trashy school I live in the south. Um I really like seltzer water and raspberry iced tea. I ware allot of dark clothing. I was put into advanced classes but know nothing! If you ever met me in school you would think" Oh that girl over there is really quiet and seems like she would litsen to slow music..." The reality is I litsen to a whole bunch of Agust-D and Cypher which if you've heard you would understand that it doesn't seem very friendly!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Also here are some of my fav songs!:
•Agust D(슈가)
•Give it to me(Agust D)
•All Cypher songs(BTS)
•Hope World(Entire album, J-hope)
More that I'll write later...

I hope you find me interesting enough to become my friend or at least a fan of my drawings.

Also here's a quiz about me that's so stupid:

Requests:✅ Yes of course! You can message me or comment on this page. Keep in mind though if I don't get back to you soon enough that means I'm busy at the moment but will get back to you soon. I'll try to do my best on what you want done! But it won't be done quickly.

Either way I hope you enjoyed reading my profile and it didn't bore you out. Bye! 안녕! Have a lovely evening, day or night!

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