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let's hang the jury,
you sick, judgemental fools.
i'll bury you six feet deep.
i'm so tired of your rules.

f_ck you and your opinion.
how could you be so blind?
what goes around-
comes back around in time.

you don't know sh_t,
you don't know sh_t-
about me.
you don't know sh_t, sh_t, sh_t;
don't know a goddamn thing about me.

keep looking down on me.
i am more than you'll ever be.
cut me deep, but i won't bleed.
gonna kick, kick,
kick me when i'm down.

by all means-
put me through hell.
and i'll make you see.
i'll be your worst enemy.
try to kick, kick, kick me when i'm down.

kick me when i'm down.

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