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I am Darkfeather or frostbite I change my user name time to time I am a role player with a technical term for roleplayin thanks for reading this! 👻🎃👻
Mai I feel like sc frands,
Shuy Smart funny kind always there when I need her to be 🤗
✨~Glitz~✨ Ah yes mother, we argue over Sombra a little but she is an amazing friend!🤘🏻
🦁🎨~BlueAnimastic~🎨🦁 Mai first fan on sc we both love warrior cats and other things! I did my first art trade with her! 🐱
Mr.Genji I feel like me and him are friends, not positive but he's really friendly and there for you when you need to vent 🔮〰🔮
☆Razz☆ Razz! She is kind and funny! I loaf herrrr 🍞💛
🍁🎃Hollyfrost🎃🍁 Holly cmon we both love Aphmau and I'm doing my first collab with herrr! 😎😎
Cresent Cres, Mai RAINBOW PALLLL 🌈🌈
★Mr.Weirdfish_bear Sass the funny lovely frand Sinnnsss she loafs em' 😈😈
8-Bit Hero Bit! My friend, if you find him streaming you should join he makes amazing art! I ship my oc and his Digit together 👾
Take my lovely quiz: http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1703301359294145&lnk&
Art trades~✔️
Collabs~✖️In the middle of one

Untitled by ~❄️Frostbite❄️~ 8   1 Feb. 7, 2017
Shiiiiip!!!! by ~❄️Frostbite❄️~ 1   4   0 Nov. 24, 2017
~💧New Pfp💧~ by ~❄️Frostbite❄️~ 5   0 Aug. 10, 2017
Chibiiiiii by ~❄️Frostbite❄️~ 4   0 March 20, 2017
Navi! by ~❄️Frostbite❄️~ 4   3 March 27, 2017
Woo! DTA attempt #2 by ~❄️Frostbite❄️~ 4   0 March 27, 2017
Tiny bubbles in the water by ~❄️Frostbite❄️~ 1   2   1 March 30, 2017

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