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Im just that weird shy semi edgy plié of atheistic Derp and trash that i am

Da rules
1 if Anime Knight is on my stream she is roleplaying with me and if you could kindly leave me and her alone that would be nice
2: if you insult or are mean to any of my buddies you will be blocked and reported ..(being mean to me is fine I can handle it)
3 : don't steal my OCS ..please but it's ok to make your on OCS out of my speices as long and you credit the speices to me...
4 if i say the fase "the cat killed the dragon" that means il be gone for a bit)

5: I am up most of the nights on most nights so if you wanna talk late at night feel free to

I am doing an ask series
Series :http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10898966
My buddies
Desria: the maiden first rp buddie
Anime Knight Irl & rp buddie
~ShimmeringSunlight~ Long time buddie
Tarot Dokmai 🍁 Fandom buddie
StanTheMan weird story buddie
❄️Pastel.Pearls❄️ First buddie and sc mother (I her ferret child)
Dream( noxine)(insane)😤
GT ( noxine cub)(smart)😀
Code(noxine)(weird )😑
Error( noxine)(edgy)😑
Pallet(noxine )(junkie)👾
Jackie(human)(pen hand)😀
Rownin(skull deer)(alpha)😤
Axe(ferret)(mentaly unstable)👾
Twig(false face)(weirdo)😑
Kai(Asian dragon)(fought in da war)😈
Dameria(Asian dragon)(blind)👾
Ozzy(mostly demon)(partly human)👾
Ben(partly demon)(mostly human)😳
Kipic(mostly demon part human)(theif)😤
Insanity : (zebra hybrid thing)(mental)😈
Static: (tv headed rabbit )(over worked and stressed)😑
Mareick: (skull deer) (over protective)😈
Prism:( unicorn )(terrible secret)😀
Quad: (dragon thing)(has four eyes)😑
Kamari: (noxine)(wears a flase face mask)😤

Note: 😀: friendly 😑: annoying 😤:semi aggressive 😈: highly dangerous 👾: Unknown 😳:harmless

Sunny by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 15   0 Dec. 14, 2017
Shine by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 14   6 Dec. 13, 2017
Rust by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 19   2 Dec. 12, 2017
Dta by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 24   12 Dec. 8, 2017
Jet by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 13   2 Dec. 7, 2017
Soul by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 11   0 Dec. 6, 2017
Anti by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 9   10 Dec. 5, 2017
Piñata fox thingy by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 1   13   7 Dec. 3, 2017

MYRIN THE SREAM PUNK LYNX! by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 2   50   12 April 27, 2017
Pastle gore kameko by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 2   37   8 Dec. 3, 2017
POSIBLE Dta... by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 26   8 Dec. 2, 2017
Dta by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 24   12 Dec. 8, 2017
Amber paw by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 1   20   16 Nov. 21, 2017
Rownen the skull deer by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 1   20   11 May 31, 2017
AND ITS FINALY DONE! by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 3   16   7 Sept. 24, 2017
Patches and viper by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 1   18   2 Nov. 12, 2017
Rust by ⛓Blue the noxine⛓ 19   2 Dec. 12, 2017

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