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It's me DappledDoes!
"I'm a squritle! //makes a squritle like noise//- kid in my Spanish class 2017
"Thomas is drunk (again)"-kids in my Spanish class 2017
"I hate you so don't kys."- text I got 2017
"I-I I'M NOT DRUNK BACK OFF!"- Tomas 2017 Spanish class
"//teaches a new word to my friends// "NOPE!" He knew what the word meant and the other one didn't- new word teaching 2017
"Is this love story making you uncomfortable?"- my ELA teacher 2017 ( Everyone started to laugh)
"It's fast food, fast food should be fast food, because fast food."- Me 2017
"Calm down!" Me to a fire truck 2017
"Get into a nice straight line." //our class tries to get in a straight line, it still looks like a snake//- Teacher 2017
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! You know it gurl!"- Me 2017
"HEY! THAT'S MY LIPSTICK!! oh wait it's not lipstick."-Kid in World Cultures 2017
"I'm not a psychopath! I'm a sociopath!"- 2017
"MINE GIMME!!!"-kid in the bus 2017
"Go home!!"-Teacher when we were still in the classroom 2017
"Oh GREAT! You gave her crippling depression."-kids in Math class 2017
"Hey, short, short, shortie!!"- Me to one of my friends 2017
"Can I stick my head out the window next time?"
"But its hot!"- Josh 2017
"I think you should try it again!" "No thank you!"- Clémentine & Clare 2017
"My backpack tried to kill me"- Josh 2017
"Dude stop being edgy and depressed"-Allie 2017
"My dad would be screaming at me "SPEAK CHILD SPEAK!!!"-Neko 2017
"I'm two people at once lets g O"-JazzyKins
"I'm not that CHILD!"- Neko 2017
"NO, MINE get off"-Me 2017!
"Good morning!" "Bless you."- Me & Josh 2017
"Ok!~" -Me 2017
"Ice-cream makes me cough."- my cousin 2017
"Oooooooo guuuuuuurlllll"-Me 2017
Name: Dappled or Orphelia (you can call
Me what ever you want though)
Gender: Female
S/O: 🏳️‍🌈Pansexual🏳️‍🌈
Secret game 030: http://www.sketchclub.com/bunbun/7/
Status: I'm in a relationship
Persona Ref:
Old cringe account- DappledDoes
I got Instagram!!! My "name" there is DappledDoes just like SC it is probably gonna be art work but maybe some photos of things

I tend to get loopy for no reason it's weird,but my friends are mostly used to me being the loudest and crazy AF and just yelling at this one kid (I'm not sorry) (still not sorry)
I also have the BIGGEST sweet tooth D:
I can memorize lyrics to a song but not my friend's faces
I'll try to upload as much as I can, I have a p busy schedule with homework and art and music lessons.
My PFP (profile picture) is made by the lovely
FurnandoTheCarpetCat Tysm!!!! ❤
I'm a 11 year old artist and my style is a bit cartoony but I like it! (I guess )
I have made AMAZING friends here and I hope
You have a good time here!
Go check out this lovely human (my friend!!)
Such a wonderful person (friendo!)
❁Clockwork T.V❁
An amazing beautiful person (great friend)
Gah! Such an amazing artist!
A Wild Simba
YAY CJJJJJJJ hah I remember when you ALWAYS tackled me when ever I entered a stream
Really cute and really good art! GO CHECK THEM OUT!!
Jámie!!! Yay!!! Woah such amazing art!

10 fans ✅
20 fans! ✅
30 fans OwO ✅
40 fans?! Face reveal? ✅
50 fans HALF OF 100!! Draw fans? ❌
60 WHAT NO! Stream Q&A? ❌
70 I had 70 on my old account ;-; Stream w/friends and audio? ❌
80 WOAH request? ❌
90 AAAAA FREAKING OUT!!! Customs? Or anything you want me to draw for you. ❌
100 DEFINITELY SOMETHING BIG IS GONNA HAPPEN!! I have think about this for a while and when (and if) i reach 100 fans I'll talk about my life a bit like a life Q&A but a bit personal

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