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Henlo i am egg and I am a child :^)))))) lol I'm 13
And I have a social issue called PDD (persuasive developmental disorder) = Atypical Autism
Don't make fun of autistic people
It's time to stop

I like them dank memes

I have the big gæ™

I'm sorry xDDD

If ya wanna see my cringey animations here's one right here


You're welcome

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Fan count:
💚 = passed
💔 = not even close mah dudes

1- yay I ain't lonely 💚

5 - wow, you must like me a lot! 💚

10 - Bruh 💚

15 - OMG ilu guys 💚

20 - Not bad 💚

25 - Halfway to halfway to 100 💚

50 - wOaH HALFWAY TO 100 💚

69 - oh yes 🌚🌚🌚🌚 💚

100 - wOaH that's not possible 💚

150 - yooooooooooooooo almost 200 💚

200 - yessss I love you guys so so so so much!!!! 💔

420 - 420 blaze it kids 💔

500 - can't wait to reach 1000 💔

1000+ - I can't even 💔


Nope not tomtord
Digital time
Fluffybirb (am I the only one??)
Zyxel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Devildice (sorta :\)
I guess that's it :\/
My phone acc;
My fears

-Butterflies (laugh all you want)
-People sneaking up and saying "Skadoosh" behind me
- Failiure (sort of)
My Favourite Characters

Marvel: Dr. Strange, Iron man, Winter Soldier/ Bucky Barnes, Spiderman
Star Wars: Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, General Hux, Yoda
Overwatch: Hanzo, Mccree, Junkrat
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Red guy/ Harry
Bendy and The Ink Machine: Sammy Lawrence, Boris
Hamilton: Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Thomas Jefferson
Undertale: Papyrus, Napstablook, Mettaton
Eddsworld: Patryck, Matt, Tord
Doki Doki Literature Club: Natsuki, Monika
Popee the Performer: Papi
Cuphead: Cagney Carnation, The Devil, Head of the Train
Baldi's Basics: Baldi, Gotta Sweep, Principal of the Thing
Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Favourite Games:

Garry's Mod
Fortnite (I'm sorry)
Doki Doki Literature Club
Bendy and The Ink Machine
Baldi's Basics
Where you can find me on social media


@egghead_garlicbread (meme page)
@egghead_draws (art page)

- Eddsworld
- Undertale
- Bendy and the ink machine
- Popee The Performer
- Cuphead
- Doki Doki Literature Club
- Overwatch
- Hamilton
- Marvel
- Baldi's Basics
- Sherlock
If you're wondering what Sudomemo is
It's an animation website on your DSI XL that you can get by putting in a code.
I've had Sudomemo since January 2016
I've gone from cringey to very good :\/
You can save your flipnotes on your SD card or system memory.
You can post flipnotes on many many categories and you can download one and make a "spinoff"
It's very fun
Trust me
I don't get this,
How come the realistic art I make gets only one like
And the cringey ones get like 10,000,000 likes

i'm so confused

1v1 me on raz kids

I bet I can read twice as much books as ya usually do

Jk I'm not in 1st grade :...))

Have fun looking at my trash

~ Egghead


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happy dad day by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 14   4 June 18, 2018
paultryck by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 15   1 June 17, 2018
tracer by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 1   15   3 June 17, 2018
smol peter by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 1   19   2 June 16, 2018
bucky again by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 8   1 June 16, 2018
soldier bucky barnes by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 10   0 June 15, 2018
soldier steve rogers by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 10   1 June 15, 2018

My favourite boys by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 1   40   15 May 6, 2018
Buffward by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 3   33   11 March 16, 2018
Dancing Pumpkin Man by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 4   30   11 Oct. 18, 2017
SANESSS by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 3   31   12 July 26, 2017
despacito by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 1   30   4 April 14, 2018
L E M M E S M A S H by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 31   8 May 17, 2017
Dang my heart my soul by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 3   24   9 Aug. 15, 2017
Sr Pelo! by Egghead🍳Gay🅱read 3   22   8 April 22, 2018

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