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Hi, welcome to my profile.. ? [Enjoy] :>

I've been drawing for about five months now.
Call me Aru, Universe or whatever you want.
Bad at art.
Amateur "artist".
Still finding an art style.

Things I like- music(Tøp, p!atd, Hamilton, Kpop), Windows (mostly ones with a nice view), YouTube (Markiplier, Jazza, art channels and stuff), art, food, video games, anime, DC comics, Doctor who, flannels, and various tv shows. c:

Things I dislike- Art thieves, loud obnoxious people, messy things, and my art. :c

My fandoms- Sherlock, hamilton, p!atd, tøp, undertale, batman, adventure time, Steven universe, pokemon, phan, markiplier, various animes, and others which I forgot.

PotatoWolfie5 and
are really neat •^•

Alright, have a nice day :D

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