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❤️❤️❤️Hello! Meh Name is GaxlayRomanzUniverse! Or u call name meh GaxlayRoman, Gax, Roman, anything u want! ❤️❤️❤️
I'm bisexual and I'm proud!!! I'll be ur friend!!! And I luv everything one of my fans!!!!!

✨✨✨ !!!!!Awesome Fam!!!!!!✨✨✨
Balloon Draws
None existent eyes
Voodoo wolf
🐼🎉Party Panda🎉🐼
🌵Ł Ì Ł Ÿ🌵
❁ Lemody ❁

I'll have to do some thing for this guys!! Hmm

/ what I'm like /
-That I luv making friends!!! 🤗🤗🤗
-Really shy😶
-Animal person🦄🦄🦄
- Lazy🤤
-tired every 24/7😪
- Awkward....yeah..
- easily angered.

Being on meh iPhone,iPad, and the computer..
-Drawing yea even on paper!!
-being outside and goin to the mountains!!!
-I'll go hunting and fishing
-sometimes cleaning
- watching YouTube also my fav YouTubers ...
- watching my fish idk? And cleaning their tanks

🐶🐶🐶 Pets 🐶🐶
I have 3 fish
1 betta fish!
5 guppies!!
4 doggys
Also 2 kitty cats!!
I now have than aquarium now.... I have a lot of fish now!

Some information about meh life!!!
I have 2 brothers!!! One older brother! And one younger brother!!
Just what!!! I have a twin Brother!!! What?!?? Yea I have than twin brother his older than me by 5 or 1 min!!! Yeah but I'm taller than him!!!! I'm about 6'1 inches and he is 5"7 inches tall! That my family said that my two brothers will be taller than me when we're older! We'll wait to see about it!!!
When I was little my uncle told me to toughen up so that's what I did!!!! And my ma said I may have toughen to much!

✨✨More about myself🙂✨✨
Most of the time I will try to hide that I'm sad or upset... and I'm depressed but don't worry I have takin classes for it! I'm no longer depressed!! I'm bisexual yea i haven't told anyone that I'm bisexual...😖 There are girls who I like but who I never told them I liked them..and guys I'm just to shy to go to them... most of the time I'm confused... you guys are the only ones who I told that I'm bisexual... soo I'm proud to be my real self!!! 💕💕🦄🦄🦄

❤️✨But remember that I'm here for you guys and I'm here for you... I'm here for you!!! Please remember that I'm here to help you no matter what happen.. you know why? Because you're my friend!!!! ✨❤️

We are a pack!!! A wolf pack stays a wolf pack no matter what happens!! 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 all of us are here to help everyone in our pack!!!

Once you Fan me you have in a Wolfpack!! We stick together!!!

Ok..... bye ya I'm tired...

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