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um... hi....

as you can tell, I'm really awkward... um here just have a poem and a resume about me at the end of the poem.. ok? ok.

Depression by K.N
"Depression is a war.
A battle against yourself.
Every thought is a bullet.
Every movement is a punch.
Every word is a stab in the heart.
Depression is a thief.
It steals everything you once had.
Everything left behind is the things that keep you trapped.
Depression is a murderer.
It killed the girl I used to be.
I look in the mirror.
And I see this thing.
Depression is a zombie.
Your alive but your dead.
You are unaware of what's happening.
You're the walking dead.
Depression is a nightmare.
You wake up into a hell.
Your afraid of living.
Everything seems impossible to bear.
Depression is an ocean.
A sea of emotions.
Your drowning every day.
However your never saved.
Depression is a bottomless pit.
Never ending pain.
Never ending struggles.
There is no light.
There is no escape.
Depression is a war.
A constant battle within yourself.
I think I might surrender for I had enough.
Depression is a war.
You either win.
Or you die trying.
But I'm afraid to say I'm losing."


hi I'm danielle, and im a local trashcan
I'm 12 years old
I live in California
I like dumplings, drawing, minecraft, falling back into my fandoms and feeling good about it, flower crowns, water, lavender, swearing when I can, and many more things

I dislike myself,,, a lot, strangers or people I don't know, my fears, depression, anxiety, stress, and flashing lights.

btw since i'm starting fresh, or idk starting over..??? i'm gonna be myself and if you don't like how I'm being myself, which includes swearing, speaking my mind, and just not caring about other people's bull sh it, then you can leave my stream, block me, or just not be a immature child about it because you don't like it and want me to change, then I won't do what you say. it's like putting a disclaimer on something, people read it but don't listen and still put hate about the specific thing in the disclaimer. if you do that, then OH BOI YOUR AN A SS HAT TO ME. basically to me a ss hats are people who don't listen and want to get their way by acting like a f uc king immature child who probably is one.

https://mobile.twitter.com/barfield324gma1 my twitter
https://cresmess.deviantart.com my deviantart
https://www.quotev.com/CresMom my quotev
"CresMess" my tumbler since i couldnt find a link :')
https://www.instagram.com/cresmom/ my instagram (iswearimnotthosepeoplewhotakepicturesoftheirfood-)
https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC7f9FvYjiv_FP-wuB9W93Jg my youtube channel

Cool beans:

aesthetickid my beautiful girlfriend πŸ’œ shes the most amazing person ive ever met :3

CactiPrince(Bye) gaY CLOSET

FandomTrash707 Fandom buddy

🌸N The Wolf🌸 (sc daughter) best daughter

ImaFrickinWeeb My curly French fry locked hair friendo

WWW.DatTrash.com My nephew/niece because I'm their aUNTIE

anywhoooooo welcome to my profile. I guess.

on break: yea... for a while (maybe a few weeks)
the day I was off my medicine: thursday february 22, 8:25 pm 2018

so um yea-

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