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Hi I'm Cres aka Danielle.
Age: 12738234892924458293( only close friendos know mah age)
S/O Bisexual/Homoromantic (as you can tell tbh)
If you fan me I'll fan you back kindness is kindness everyone deserves some kindness in their life :3

Also yes, I've took over the account name I made for a backup account on my moms phone- "cresmess" into "~CresMess~" it's more aesthetic y'know? Ok I'll leave *hides under the blanket of narnia*

Fears I don't like but I still have them-
Agoraphobia: fear of public places (social anxiety)
Acrophobia: fear of heights
Nyctophobia: fear of darkness
Entomophobia: fear of insects
Their not exactly phobias but the names for phobias sound cool so-

So I decided to erase some stuff in my bio and start out fresh(kinda)-

The layers of Cres/ Danielle:
1: the boundary, "I will shove something bigger than you down your throat." It looks like someone who would be the cold type, but deep down their sensitive, emotional, and a softie.
2: The middle part(idk), "opening up" Oh look! She's opening up! She will tell you her crushes, her problems, basically anything that's on her mind. Or maybe not.
3: The core, "a softie who justs wants love 24/7/365" this layer is rare for people to get to, even her close friends haven't gone to it yet. Deep down this is where she can fantasize about her crush, blush all she wants, snuggling with giant plushies, and actually getting love from her family and others from understanding the problems she's having.

✧Mystical-Puff✧ This girl is the sweetest human being EVER. She's so nice and kind and I couldn't ask for a more better, lovely, best friend. Love you. 💜💜💜

💎Your Saganic Wolf💎 This organic wolf is yEs. Sure she can be a little rood at times, but I only focus on the good parts of her personality. Thanks for being my best friend, and dealing with my emotional blob self as always.

N the wolf My beeeeeeaaaaUTIFUL DAUGHTER. My daughter is amazing and kind, and she yells "MOM" on streams to know it's time for me to tackle them while yelling "DAUGHTER-". :3

💚🐺🖤ßaneØfÅrt🖤🐺💚 This turtle child, who has apparently turned into grass- is amazing and pure and should have all the cookies. :3

jordanii They are so amazing and kind and AhH Their so amazing. :3

PickleKat Oml. This girl knows how to make me laugh, and not be a Debbie downer. I'm sorry for her having to deal with my emotional blob self. She's one of my bestest friends and I hope it'll stay that way. -w-

(Gone) My curly french fry locked hair friendo.

The lost potato chip Lei. oh bOi. LEI. This gal, oml, she's helped me through so much, and just knows how to brighten people up. Thank you lei for being there for me. \(•v•)/

Just a little thing I don't like to ship my ocs with other ocs. I ship my ocs with my other ocs. I have animal ocs and I have human ocs. all of them are not shippable. Ok? Ok.
my depressed child: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10956092
My kinky satenist: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10946066
My bittersweet goat bunny:http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10946408

Wall of quotes:
"If you can smoke that's good. " - Luna 2017(she meant smile)

"And now I'm hot social life"- Luna 2017 (she meant to say your)

"And together that makes two bisexual people with no lives. Ack"- Cres 2017



"And then the Satan hand was so strong that it super-smashed you into the pillow, it was so fast that it caused a vortex to open. Chaos might come. That's why you shouldn't wake dani up."-Cres 2017

"MY EYESIGHTS 10,000 OVER 20 I SEE EM" - junko despair arc?

"I wanna not sob" - Luna 2017

"Maybe or I could visit you for a week and 'miss my flight'" -Cres 2017

"This is a public stream. Not a private stream. EVERY STREAM IS PUBLIC WTH?" -my thoughts questioning stream logic 2017

"DONKEY RAMSEY" - noddle✨ 2017

"Sketchers EaT fReSh" - Kat 2017

"Satans back. And he's pissed" - my brother when we playing jackbox

"Cause instead of typing mkay, I almost typed mcKat PFFT" -kat 2017

On break: yep
The day I was off my medicine: Thursday February 22, 8:25 pm, 2018

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